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We hear this word being used much lately, especially in describing some of the ISIS terrorists that are apparently from the U.S. I notice that they are blacks that have accepted the perverted Islamic beliefs and have changed their names to names that are common in the Muslim world. The Black Panther groups have done the same thing. Does anyone remember the Black Panther thugs that made their presence known at some of the voting precincts in Philadelphia a few years back? They should have been arrested for disrupting the people’s voting rights, a violation of the voters 1st amendment but the chief law enforcer, Erik Holder, would have none of that.
So now we have radicals with passports that allow these radicals that are fighting alongside ISIS, to re-enter the US. Why did the FBI allow these radicals to go to the Mideast in the first place? What happened to our intelligence? Remember Fort Hood any one? That massacre was called a “workplace violence” incident by the leftists in the media and by the Whitehouse! Forward this ideology a few years and now Obama calls ISIS a junior varsity group!
If anyone in government is radicalized it would be our president! Didn’t he hang around with radicals like Bill Ayers and the reverend Wright for close to 20 years? Didn’t he exchange 5 of the world’s worst terrorists for a man that abandoned his post to aid the enemy? Didn’t Obama give this traitors’ parents a forum on the Whitehouse lawn to express their love for the Muslim terrorists? Ah yes, if we can only convince Obama and Lois Lerner that ISIS is a dreaded Tea party group in the US! Whose side are you on Mr. president? ISIS or the US? Your Foreign policy in the Mideast, (if you have one), makes me wonder!

What is Liberty?

The American problems have festered and ballooned into something that will shortly become uncontrollable agitation of the culture—-causing much civil unrest. This frustration of the public is manifesting itself in a fashion that has not been seen here in the USA in any times of past history.

Once “Liberty”—-as it is thought of today—– became the end rather than merely a means to an end, a fundamental change in the very definition of Christianity occurred. Christianity with its Calvinism of the founding father’s era was changed into an Arminian self-rule and we no longer think in terms of God’s Law or His rule—–nor do we think with a responsibility in what Scripture might say——it has been and is twisted to serve self. All has become self and that self has become that liberty, and that is the right of man. What man decides is the right of that liberty—–government is happy to go along with controlling man. The Arminian Social Gospel along with the liberal Pastors have redefined what “Liberty” is—along with interpretation of God’s Law.

And because of that redefining—–we will not hold on to and/or use the “Constitution” properly if in fact we cannot define liberty properly——as God and His Scriptures want us to have it. We not only cannot define “Liberty” we will lose all through, self-Will, Sin and Evil. We have lost the defining of liberty making it impossible to find the way and the blessing of that liberty in God.

Paul said, in 2 Corinthian 3:17 “…Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
What is this liberty and how is it to be defined. Have we not lost something in what we think liberty is? Liberty certainly cannot have anything to do with God—for culture and man has thrown God out of everything—-Government, Education, and the culture itself.
We Shall See—Don’t you think????


Nobody Saw it Coming

I have been saying and writing for years things are bad, the combination of the signs add up to major problems within the culture—with things getting worse.

A must read article—-the link:

Andy Hoffman articles have continually focus on the gold and silver of the Precious Metal (PM) market and the fact those prices have been manipulated for years. This type of news you can’t and will not get anywhere but in these few newsletters that do cover the PM markets and the few of us who happen to think the price of PM’s can really tell you what is going on—–I and others relaying the information on to some folks.

Here is a paragraph from the article/link:

“This is what is occurring right now, across the entire world. In the PM markets – i.e., the “Achilles Heel” of the collapsing fiat currency regime – we last week saw the filing of a massive class action lawsuit centered on the fraudulent “London fix” with associated documentation reading like the gold manipulation primers I wrote three years ago. Simultaneously, a second major lawsuit was filed charging – who else, but Deutschebank and HSBC – of manipulating the silver fix as well. And for the coup de grace, the CME itself and several of its principals were accused of not only enabling manipulative high frequency trading programs, but colluding with HFT firms via secret incentive schemes. Moreover, it was alleged that 50% of all Chicago-based CME trades are actually “wash sales,” in which the buyer and the seller are the same entity. If this is even remotely close to the truth, this lawsuit could yield a crisis of confidence in the so-called “price discovery” mechanism of fraudulent U.S. futures exchanges such as the COMEX precious metal pits.”

The fact that average person does not know about any of this—–does not mean it is not happening. The America citizen will one day—–one morning open his eyes and the world will have realized something is not right and all will have changed overnight—-even as the fact is and the reality is—–they will have been a sleep for years and have now just come to the understanding that the danger is there and has been for years.

It is sad to listen to and read of what is going on down in Washington DC, in our State Capitals and locally in government—one must ask “By What Standard” is any of this being done. The Church—–has alerted us to none of this—and—you would think they should have the standard—–one day the church will wake-up to empty collection plates—maybe then something will change.

Then what????—We shall see—-Don’t you think????

VA Crisis Solution

I don’t know what is so difficult about solving the VA crisis. Me, the Outsider, has a simple solution. Just give the Veterans the same health care that the worthless politicians give themselves at the tax payers expense! The Veterans deserve it and the politicians really don’t since the politicians are addicted to living off the taxpayers like over glorified welfare junkies. Maybe welfare junkies is too harsh a term! Political parasites would be better!

I have been searching for sometime—–for the answer to this question. Could it be said that America is founded as a Christian nation? The wording of the “Constitution” or founding documents do not come out stating——We were founded as a Christian nation. It states nothing like that anywhere I could locate. Oh yes—-it does say—– “One nation under God…” but the Atheist will say God with a small “g” or say it is not the God of the Bible or the one that has a son Jesus Christ that save HIS people——they would say or use it as some supreme being in a neutral state mysticism. So how do we say or prove that; at one time this was a “Christian—- a Bible believing Nation”.

Well I found the beginning of the path that proves without a doubt that this was a Christian nation at one time. I am going to quote at length a passage from Harry S. Stout’s book 1986 Oxford University Press “The New England Soul”. I will also be incorporating his footnotes which I think are critical in showing Stout’s research into the question is well documented.

I quote from the opening chapter of his book. (pages 3-4)

“The seventeenth-century founders of New England set out to create a unique and self-perpetuating “people of the Word” and be extending the sermon to all significant facets of life—-social and political, as well as religious—they achieved exactly that. Throughout the colonial era the religious “planting” of churches in most towns kept pace with the growth of population so that by the time of the Revolution there were 720 congregational churches in New England. In like manner the number of college-educated, ordained ministers grew with the population, resulting in a constant ratio of preachers to general population that was among the lowest—if not the lowest—in the Protestant world. (3) Twice on Sunday and often once during the week, every minister in New England delivered sermons lasting between one and two hours in length. Collectively over the entire span of the colonial period, sermons totaled over five million separate messages in a society whose population never exceeded one-half million and whose principle city never grew beyond seventeen thousand. The average weekly churchgoer in New England (and there were far more churchgoers than church members) listened to something like seven thousand sermons in a lifetime, totaling somewhere around fifteen thousand hours of concentrated listening. (4) These striking statistics become even more significant when it is recalled that until the last decade of the colonial era there were at the local level few, if any, competing public speakers offering alternative messages. For all intents and purposes, the sermon was the only regular voice of authority.”


(3) The Puritans’ rejection of ornamented, “Witty” preaching in the manner of “Metaphysical” Anglican preachers like Lancelot Andrews or John Donne is well known. For description of the Puritan “Plain Style” see William Haller, The Rise of Puritanism (New York 1938), 128-72; and John F. Wilson Pulpit in Parliament: Puritanism during the English Civil Wars 1640-1648 (Princeton N.J. 1969),137-65.

(4) New England’s mission to invent a way of “non-separating Congregation-ism” is developed extensively in Perry Miller, Orthodoxy in Massachusetts, 1630-1650 (Org. publ. 1933 reprinted New York 1970) 73-101. The millennial implications of national reform are traced in Katharine R. Firth, the Apocalyptic Tradition in Reformation Britain, 1530-1645 (New York, 1979).

There is not much more needed to be said accept any and all doubters will need to look closely at Stout’s work and his 70 pages of footnotes and start to do their own research. It will also be noted that the peak of this type of preaching and religious belief—–along with this type of sermon and preaching had peaked in the final quarter of 1700’s and from that point forward the competition for the ear of the churchgoer started to intensify with secular teaching coming into play—–until we get to—today—-with nothing but PC (political correct) talk mixed with a perversion of double speak in “Progressive confused Thought & Logic”—-the percentage of serious intellect coming from the pulpit has fallen to almost nothing and with today’s separation of church and state—we have no Biblical teaching on political issues. The paths taken and decision made by the politicians remain unchallenged. A pathetic mess of shallow teaching by the church and no grasping of the times or understand by the citizens. A larger and larger percentage of the people being and acting lost and not knowing what to do to fix their life or anything within the social fabric.

If we conclude God’s word is sovereign—–then all human powers and authority would have to be limited—the Puritan believed in limited power for both Church and State knowing full well the final authority was with God and in the Bible “Scripture becomes final—-as they were people of the word”. We have none of this today—-while everyone is searching for answers—-finding none.

Finally: “YES” at one time we were people of the word “Christians” in a land that feared God and heard HIS word preached with seriousness—–believing their Pastors. But today—-not so—-we must understand how close we are to “Anarchy”—–a chaos with no law—were nothing will work.

We Shall see—Don’t you think?

June 3, 2014
The Thing is Upon Us:

I have been listening to the intensity of the conversation increase as indicators from the talk show guys seem to sound like the danger (is upon us) with their voices getting louder and louder. The newsletter I get also seem to be getting sharper in their written words to tell us of the impending danger that is upon us——below are a couple of paragraphs from Andrew Hoffman and the blog. (bold below)

Let’s face it wherever one looks the specters of stagnation, inflation and unrest are front and center; as the age of globalization peaked when the fraudulent fiat-generated oasis economy permanently broke in 2008. In Europe alone, youth unemployment rates are as high as 60% in “first world” nations like Spain and Greece, while roughly a quarter of the entire continent sits right at the poverty line. Commercial lending is actually contracting; and when the ECB eases monetary policy further next week, it - like Abenomics in Japan - will achieve nothing but increased inflation and wealth disparity.

The current “Central banking put” - to take center stage when the ECB eases next week - has caused fixed income portfolio managers to take historically lopsided risks to generate income in a perma-ZIRP world; and consequently, the risks to global financial stability have never been higher. Said inflation is encompassing all aspects of our lives; as just in America today’s headlines include “Chicago considers boosting minimum wage to $15/hour” (it was $3.35 when I was a kid), “Bacon prices soar even more as the pig diarrhea virus is back,” “dust bowl conditions have returned to Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas,” and last but not least, “shale boom goes bust as costs soar.” Regarding the latter, we last week highlighted a 96% reduction of the reserve estimate for the nation’s largest shale oil formation”; i.e., a potential death knell for the latest chapter of unending energy independence hype.

What is troubling about this is——even as we guess the talk show guys understand the danger that our president seems to want to subject the citizens and country to—–with the countries indicators showing an increasing deteriorating of all the infrastructure—we have yet to hear the words “SIN” or the word “EVIL”. Along with the using of words like “High Authority”—–If there is no God and United States Government and the Educational System has rejected the God of the Bible—what is it?— Government calls their higher authority and if there is no high authority——then there is no inalienable rights given to us by God.

My question is simple—-If “The thing is Upon Us” I would assume it is an “EVIL” and if you believe in Jesus Christ and the God of the Bible then when do we call any of this “SIN” against GOD’S LAW”. It must continue until we realize what the thing is that must be corrected.

We Shall See—Don’t you think????

All cultures with advanced intellect will have attraction to some authority and the only questions that need be ask are: What will be it’s religious authority?—-and/or—-What will be its Philosophy and Worldview?
These types of questions are not being ask today—-as if the Constitution of old and this era of time did not hinge on any consideration of—or—formulation by a fixed thought process with a “Worldview” that guided the individual citizens and it’s culture.

Was the United States formed with it’s “Constitution” as a Christian nation or was it designed to be a Secular non-religious nation? The liberals and left-wingers are generally in agreement—–declaring the United States to have been Non-Christian from the beginning and dedicated to a separation of church and State. Today it has become common place and the rule fixed that “Yes” Church and State was and is separated from each other.

This idea of separation of church and state never entered into the thinking of the founding fathers at the Constitutional Convention—-therefore was not in consideration—nor was any action needed to accomplish the deed of Separation. Separation of church and state within the convention was understood and only accepted as an idea that was something new—–coming out of the enlightenment thinking of that time—— and was not understood as something historically coming from or out of—–government and/or states of the past.

America—-a small nation to be—-was made up of individual colonies that were made up of Christian Republics and there was no thought of separation between the State and the Church as it is being used today. The church was part of the citizens make-up—-teaching “Biblical Theology” and therefore forming the “Worldview” of the citizens and true believers making up a large percentage of the culture and it’s thinking. Today the church has lost its impact on the citizenship—-with Biblical Law having no affect on or having no cause of proper judgment within the culture.

The Political Correctness (PC) along with Secular thinking has succeed in changing the direction of thinking from one of a Biblical thought process hinging on God’s word—-to one of evicting God from every aspect of governmental function—-to include having God thrown out of the educational process and/or system.

Correcting anything is no longer a simple matter of electing another person to take the place of some left wing Progressive—-for the infection and corruption has gone to deep—-so as to destroy the worldview of the culture—-who have little understanding of what has gone wrong—nor understanding of—-how we are——as a culture—–going to make basic correction.

R. J. Rushdoony writes in his short booklet “The United State a Christian Republic”

“ In ‘Liberal’ Pennsylvania atheism is called subversion in a grand jury charge 1800, and in 1831 a judge in ‘Liberal’ New York met his first atheist! These two facts alone give us a glimpse of a very different United States…”

There is a radical difference in what made up the culture of the 1700’s and what we have today. In the 1700’s and the early 1800’s we had the social fabric of Christianity forcing the political process through and mixing with “Biblical Law” with no thought of anything less for government. God’s law was understood to be the higher authority and to be the law of the the land—and was accepted as the guiding light for the Constitution.

Today we have none of that past Biblical teaching or thinking but rather a false-ness in direction—-on a path going away from God and toward destruction—-with most lost to understand any of what is going on—with a Why? If God does not have mercy on this country and the people——there will be no chance of revival or correction of the problems within the culture—-and—-We Shall See—-shortly——- what is to happen.


What did Happen?

“Where there is no Justice there is no State” St. Augustine Bishop of Hippo “City of God”

With no justice—no state—and I say—there can be no social compact without that—–nor is there social justice within the culture. And because of none of the above we have no “liberty” but rather a self rule with little respect for anything or anybody. There is nothing but “Might” makes right—–through some kind of government and with a deception of what should be and is called “Liberty”. So what did happen to Liberty and the Constitution we once knew. Are we not heading in the wrong direction on the wrong path.

It has been shown and proven that Christendom (Western Civilization) for centuries has relied on a Theological Doctrine hinging on Christ—the Bible—-and God as the creator—–these beliefs within the culture were tied directly to civil government forcing a civil responsibility into the government—–whatever type of government they happen to have. You then have and/or had a continued understanding of man’s duty to himself—–his family—-his civil duty with duty to some government.

This understanding and what this meant—-as far as liberty for the individual has had a radical change in both meaning of the word and its meaning for man in a social setting—–and with obligations to a government. So what has liberty come to mean? Man’s liberty has come to mean liberty to do anything one wants to do—-a frightful thought.   Man has become a man without a soul and he understands that the State—-with its government—-has come to be a State without God and without a “Soul”—This combination Heathenism of man and his country—has become deadly to himself and his country. Thus man accepts the fact the state is without a moral compass (corruption everywhere)—-only accepting it because he too has lost his soul—he is unable to fix the problem or give back to the “State” it’s direction and/or find a righteous path for the state and it’s Soul to travel on.

What is it that has happen that possibly forced a change to the definition to the word “Liberty”

Let me give a couple of points regarding this problem and what I think happen.
1/ There has been an emancipation of the body politic from responsibility to a church authority—the church does not inject ethics and/or moral behavior into the body politic. This church authority is no longer in place nor is the body politics under the care of the church via through it’s elected citizens. Therefore a Theological order of things carries no weight nor does the God of the Bible.

2/ This separation of Church and State does away with Biblical Law and will cause a deterioration in and how natural law can be and should be used. It affects a pecuniary injury that interferes with property rights—public peace and with the individual’s pursuit of happiness. All coming from a separation of Church and State—–this state of evil operation forces things into a slow state of collapsing.

3/ The corresponding loosening or abandonment of traditional legal injunctions prohibiting adultery, divorce, contraception, abortion, sodomy, obscenity, libel, and slander, prostitution, usury, commerce on the Sabbath,public blasphemy and profanity, idolatry, heresy, and other offenses whose traditional legal proscription was rooted in what Western man once recognized as the law of the Gospel—-all of these things are now permitted opening—and/or tolerated without so much as a peep of protest.

4/ The “Emancipation” of the individual,with his “Individual rights,” from all but the minimal legal restraints, leaving him “Free” to do, say or claim to be whatever he pleases (even purporting to switch sexes) without regard to the moral, spiritual and social consequences to himself or others—including spouse, children and neighbors—-so long as he avoids violence or harm to the property or other purely temporal interests of his fellow citizens and allows them the same “Freedom” he demands for himself.

This so called “Liberty” having evolved these past 50 years is nothing more then a complete rejection of God—His Christ and the law of the Bible—the social fabric wants none of that——not knowing a smaller government will not correct the condition—nor following the Constitution help the condition—–nor will changing “Parties” at election time help—-none of this—–will cause renewed “Liberty”. The direction and path we are on will do nothing but give us a complete disintegration of the social fabric and the country—as we lose the last of the “Liberty” we think we still have.

The church’s are ignorant or are not—–willing to do what they must do—not wanting to upset the Hypocrite sitting in the front row of the church—the guy giving the big bucks to the church collection plate.

So we drift ever closer to the edge. WE SHALL SEE—–Don’t you think????


Will Reason Work?

Have we reached a point in governing were “Reason” or the art of reasoning in guiding the government process is not working. If that is true we must ask—–Why is that? Reasonable men have differ in the past—-yet governed—-what is making these times so different that I can ask—-Is the reasoning process working? Has it never been that men have ask—–What reason is? Has reason and the use of it drifted past the simplicity of being able to solve problems—-will the art of reasoning be restored to its proper place?

I do not believe the saying of——one side or the other is being unreasonable for that is the simple answer—–but the problem goes much deeper. Today with the Progressive and Conservative positions being taken why are they not able to rectify their positions in compromise——making them seem reasonable to one another—-can they not reaching a compromise that both sides can live with. Again, have we come to a point were reasoning is not working and no one seems to realize it——-all the while thinking things are working yet knowing something is wrong with the coming together process—the reasoning process is not working.

These solutions become a problem and reasoning fails when men no longer agree on the definition of the word “Reason”. This simplest of definitional alinement in what reason is becomes a serious problem within a culture when the belief in and prepositional faith of the reasoning process becomes polarized in opposite corners—–with the path being wrong and direction of reason false.

The problem of defining “Reason” or what would define reason was recognized by most thinkers of the past—Plato, Aristotle, Descartes, Hobbes, Kant, Hume, Hegel and Ayn Rand. It is a well known determination that reason and how it will be defined in the end will be by one of the two main factions. You will either have God and His Bible defining reason or you will have sinful man with his thinking and historical learning define it. We have come to a place in America were we must decide what reason is and who will define it. If you do not believe we are at that point let me give you a couple of examples to show you the confusion that is guiding the thought process. IE: Reasoning. Abortion is being called a choice—with the killing of babies—-the planet is over populated and man came from a big bang millions of years ago—-Darwin theory of evolution doing its work——taking the people away from their God—and the earth is warming and must be protected—-but not the baby—-and environmental regulations are strangling the every productivity of the people—rather then help a productive process.

If you ask whose reasoning brought this to the conclusions in the above—–the answer would be man’s reasoning—those decisions were his and that is what he believes to be the truth. He has reasoned it and accepted it to be true and with those so called truths he proceeds to built his position finalizing those and other so called truth having them become his “Worldview”. Those so called facts maybe false and/or continually subject to change—with his determinations in truth by way of reason made in wrong suppositions—with wrong conclusions.

Humanism is a polite word for Atheism—-with the Atheist having their philosophy and worldviews structured around a process of man’s reasoning. They claim to have chosen their starting point at some theoretical point using a so called reasoned process—–saying they had no pre-suppositional starting point or belief in something that forced their starting point—IE: The Big Bang—–they do have and did believe—-therefore had faith in that starting point—-even a starting point of not believing in God or hating Him as their started—they would and did believe in their starting point—-therefore a predetermined conclusion comes to be—-which is false and never final.

Because of the Atheist’s suppositions and beliefs—–he will not—-nor can not reason his way to agree with any who he might find in opposition to himself and with his basic fundamentals—even if it be another atheist who also hates God. The starting points are fixed for both Atheist and the Christian—-the one starting with God and Scripture—the other in and with man’s reasoning (reason and himself being his god) and the two will never agree or meet in compromise. The differences in Christian verse Atheist reasoning is, the Atheist has some teaching of man as his starting point——with a developing of a so called reasoned process arriving at some so called new knowledge he believes to be true—-that early trust in and faith in man’s early findings was his faith and starting point of man—-allowing himself to think he has moved forward to a new high plane of knowledge. The Christian believes in God with faith in His process/word as the starting point—-knowing man’s reason is from Him who knows all—-with the fear of the Lord as the beginning of all knowledge—believing in Him with faith his reasoning process is correct and the right conclusions will come in that faith.

If these fundamental difference are understood it will make major changes in the way we approach and reason through problems of today. It will also help explain why there can never be a satisfactory compromise in problem solving.

Let me close with this simplified showing of change in reasoning.

In the 1600’s and 1700’s Christians made up a majority of people coming to America—their thinking and reasoning came from the word of God (the Bible). After 1800’s the percentage ever so slowly slipped toward a Humanistic body—-most coming to America being heathens thereby starting the change to Secular thinking and reasoning—until the change was complete in today’s thinking—–and with the larger percentage of the culture being Humanistic—even as polls here in America show most call themselves Christians. I do not want to over simplify the long process of change in America’s thinking and reasoning because it took years of twisting and continual changing with a falling away from God and His Christ to get to this point——and now having a reasoning process that no longer works. You can not reason with or change a mind if one believes in himself (man)and hates the God of Scripture—while the other (the Christian) does not understand he will never convince the Humanist to change his mind or have him agree with the Christian doctrine of what is right in government and knowing the “Why” it is right.

Two Christians arguing a point should always yield to Scripture as the higher authority—you should find that to be true—-but sadly—not so—–today you find few—-if any—-arguing from the Scriptures and none forcing this type of argument—-the only arguing is Man’s reasoning, even so with Christians——–and of course the guy with the biggest stick always wins—-today that is man’s final reason—and that “Reasoning” will not work in changing minds or does it resolve anything.

We Shall See—Don’t you think???

In the the first article:

I begin my case:
“This Slavish doctrine of Non-Resistance now exhibits itself here in America and must be looked at with great concern and as one of the great Biblical errors of the time.”

I set the tone of the inquiry, with back ground, saying there will be no security in the land.
“The citizen has no security against a magistrate who wishes to do evil to his people.”

Because the citizen has been:
“We have today a citizen that is dumb down not understanding what is or has happened to him and his country.”

And with turning away from God—-we have this.
“…because our Christianity has turn to emotionalism—with a lack of Biblical knowledge and certainly not understanding Romans 13:1-6.”

Is It Time To Resist? (Part 2)

We start to get into what Paul is saying in Romans 13:1-6
“’… the power that be are ordained of God.’ Romans 13:1 (KJV 1611). Those powers that are to be used by the the magistrate are put in place by God’s authority to have a government.”

I attempt to explain the key to Romans 13:1-6 were Paul uses words “Power” and “Higher Authority” and then bringing in what Peter says to the Sanhedrin.
“Peter tells us: “…We ought to obey God rather than men.”. Acts 5:29 (KJV 1611)”

I close the article:
“How bad must it get before the citizen is to know he is not resisting God but a wicked tyrant with evil intentions—who is using his power to an evil end.”

So with those couple of sentences of back ground we can now get into the main points in attempting to solidify our position of resisting a tyrant.

The Apostle Paul is gauging his thoughts and words through the written inspiration of the Holy Spirit, so we know his thought process was well above what I am about to write but allow me my interpretion. Paul knows—-the rulers he speaks of—-must not only have Biblical attributes ruling is the fear of the Lord but they must manifest themselves in principles of order, balanced in power, in a deep and sincere respect for right, with truth in liberty—-only with these attributes of this magnitude of righteousness can the Republic, with its subjects, expect peace and safety. It would be foolish of the ruler to not know that liberty cannot be established without morality, and morality will not come without faith—-as will not knowledge come without this faith. Virtue must manifest itself not as some genius—nor can genius come without honor, where the ruler’s love of order is confused with his taste for oppression and his thoughts of freedom have as its root a contempt of the law. Paul’s ruler is fair & just at all points of God’s law within the land.

If what is written above would be God’s minister “For he is the minister of God to thee for good…” Romans 13:4 (KJV 1611)
Would it not be blasphemy to call tyrants & oppressors—”God’s ministers”? Is resisting those who resist God’s written word as being a tyrant the same thing as resisting God? If the ruler and minister of God is acting contrary to God’s Holy Bible —is he to be called God’s minister? I say “NO” and all reason would tend to agree.

The only reason for the institution of civil government, and the only rational ground of submission to it is the common safety and utility of that land. Is a child to suffer a continued beating to the point of death by the father——–will not the child and mother rebel against her husband for such a reason as harm to themselves. Would it not be stupid and ignorant of the subject—–knowing the prince has become a tyrant and would not the subject want to correct their condition. It is beyond reason that subjects would be forced to have allegiance to or have some duty owed to that prince or government—even as they dispense cruelty and the family is being treated in an unfair and unjust fashion—especially as the cruelty filters down to the children causing their death.

The question: Is it time to resist?—–Will only become troubling if the conscience of the people can not discern the Biblical nature of the offense being committed. If in fact both the tyrant and the people have no Biblical rational and/or ability to discern Biblical abuse they will fail to make the case or connection of the wrongs—only having some emotional feeling of personal hurt—with no connection of that hurt to the whole body of the citizenship as an affront to God and His holy law. The unity of the grievance becomes the group having the biggest stick through some weak reasoning process—is that not what is going on today. We have a government today that is telling its people the health care is good and proper and that it will work for the citizens—-while the opponents are saying just the opposite. I hear nothing of some sort of Biblical argument “Pro—or–Con”.

My point here again is simple—–until and unless there is a Biblical argument we will not nor can not hear “Thus saidth the Lord”. We in this land have reached the afflicted stage and the point of death to the child (with millions of abortions) and have not been willing to turn to the Lord in repentance. It can only follow—–unless we reach that point—-turning to the Lord—-Paul’s letter to the Romans and chapter 13:1-6 will mean nothing to the people or the tyrant with tyranny and abuse meaning nothing but some degree of discomfort in the land. God’s law with justice and fairness will continue to yield to the tyranny and tyrant—as we see ourselves destroyed with the affliction getting worse with each passing day. ——-look what the Lord has to say:

Hosea 4:6 (KJV 1611)
“My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge; because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.”

This is not a game folks—–this whole situation has turned very serious—-the government has rejected God—-the Educational system has rejected God—–and the people have rejected God.

We shall See—-Don’t you think?

This concludes my thoughts on Romans 13:1-6


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