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With the advent of the Internet, order the Computer and the Cell Phone we have become an age of Geeks and Nerds with Tweets and Texting, illness becoming a society with less personal conversation—– everyone having their head in his gadget.  I have believed that this high tech computerized age will prove to be affecting the culture in some negative fashion and finally I think I have found that element that is being affected—-probably the most.
That element being affected is reading and with that said I am talking about a certain type of reading.  Because with texting, ask Facebook, Tweeter one could argue reading of words might have actually increased.  The other part of the equation that some say has affected reading is the invention of radio and TV—–causing reading to diminish—-even as the computer age has contributed to the gathering of knowledge, through information gained (sound bites or bits of information)—–it has taken a critical ingredient out of the culture and that is—-reading to understand.

You would think with all the heads buried in some gadget getting yet another text and/or some type of information—we should start to show a rise in intellect—but not so—Why not?

Allow me to quote a sentence from “ How To Read a Book” initial copyright 1940  Mortimer Adler

“There is a sense in which we moderns are inundated with facts to the detriment of understanding”

With that one sentence and Mortimer’s book—-it opened the door for me—-showing me how facts and knowledge will not increase “Understanding”.  Adler goes on to write how reading materials (books) at different levels of writing on the subject matter—-will force a greater understanding of the issue and/or concepts written about.  It is this understanding that becomes critical in allowing a person to grow and I might add allows society to gain cohesion.

It is this passive reading in Tweeter, Facebook and Texting while giving you more fact it adds little or nothing to understanding.  Reading on a higher level must be active thereby adding the element of thought with analyzes in getting to understanding.  Enlightenment of an issue comes when you know what the words mean and understand what ramification they have—-then and only then will subject matter come together.

Newspapers, magazines, Tweets, Facebook and Texting may increase your store of information but generally cannot improve understanding to any depth.  It is serious reading and research in book form that will challenge your understanding of the subject matter.

My point is simply, that today’s Tweets, Texting and Facebook is verbiage that gives you little in understanding and attacks the very ability to read with understanding of the issues or the motive driving the issue.  The one liner found in and on the internet communications are caustic and acrimonious—-that may give you knowledge but never understanding.  There are two affects that I see manifesting themselves over the years.

1/ As I mentioned above it has fostered a sharp and biting type of communication that has evolved into something that is accepted—-and never leads to bringing together or does it lead to “Understanding” within the social fabric.
2/ These gadgets have divorced or separated the culture to the point there is no need or want to talk to one another in personal conversation—-nor will we read to understand one another nor understand a given subject.

Let us not kid ourselves there is great danger in this infatuation with computer gadgets, it is in fact driving some kind of wedge between the citizens—it is keeping the citizen apart and not educating the citizens through a reading of  good books and the pursuing of serious reading.  These gadgets are short circuiting the citizens ability to think and learn.

So, We Shall See—-what history will say regarding this time period and these gadgets?


From 1620 through and until the 1730’s the dominant intellectual and philosophical thinking here in the American colonies was that of Puritanism.  After that period and moving forward the secularization with corruption within the church started in earnest—-“…there was a lessening of the zeal which characterized the early days of the experiment.”—so says C Gregg Singer in his book:  “A Theological Interpretation of American History” (1964).

The Puritans believed liberty was a God given right and was to be guarded with zeal and subject to precise biblical defined limits.

“The magistrate was a steward for God to be found faithful in his responsibilities.  It was not the role of the magistrate to proclaim the Gospel, capsule but it was his duty to establish such civil conditions as to enable the church to perform its functions.  Neither was it the responsibility of the church to manage the civil life of the people, help but a faithful preaching of the Law of God…”

Now I ask you!
1/ Has not God been thrown out of just about everything that government is in charge of?
2/ Is the church preaching God’s Law with a Biblical worldview of Ethic’s and Morals—reinforcing the social compact under our “Constitution”?

Those two questions become critical as you start to dissect what has happen these past 100 years.  Liberty was never a natural right but a God-given right that had been guarded with zeal.  Puritan political theory was far from being a democratic make-up or something that could evolve into Socialism.  John Cotton said this regarding Democracy—as quoted by Singer in his book.  “If the people be governors, who shall be governed?”

I want to quote a series of short paragraphs from C. Gregg Singer’s book—-these few paragraphs say it so much better I could.  These couple of paragraph helping in understanding what is wrong and give some insight into answers of my two questions:

“The whole conception of government that would later be proclaimed by John Locke and others, which placed the sovereignty in the hands of the people and which found the origin of government in a human compact was utterly unknown to the Puritans.  They did not believe in a government by the people, but they did believe in government for the people.”

“Rather did they sense that in the democratic philosophy, with its emphasis upon the sovereignty of the people,lay a fundamental contradiction to the biblical doctrine of the sovereignty of God.  They clearly perceived that democracy was the fruit of humanism and not the Reformation concept.”

“True freedom can never be found in institutions are under the direction of sinful men, but only in the redemption wrought for man by Jesus Christ.  Christ, not man, is the sole source and guarantee of true liberty.”

“Indeed, American history is characterized, in its political aspects, by a continuing conflict between the Puritan political philosophy on the one hand, and the rise of a democratic conception of the state and human liberty which has emanated from non-biblical sources.  The insistence that God is truly sovereign and that his sovereignty must be recognized in the political affairs of mankind is an anathema to those modern schools of thought which seek to enthrone man as a sovereign in his own right.”

“In the area of political thought and practice Puritanism left a legacy of the idea of a government of law rather than of men, and furnished many of the ingredients for the Constitution of 1787.  In fact, it lies at the heart of constitutionalism as a way of government.”

Within these few paragraph we have laid out what was the very basic elements that drove the Puritans thinking, along with their belief in God’s sovereignty—-along with God’s Law—–where the two major doctrinal building blocks, the Puritans, used to build their theological system—–adding to that their belief in man as a sinner through Adam.  Will we return to what the Puritans believe or will we continue to make man sovereign?

I close with this:

“In a very real sense the passing of Puritanism brought to an end a very important epoch in our national past, and, at the same time, it ushered in a permanent change of direction for the development of the colonies.”

The Nineteenth Century ushered in Darwinism, Marxism and a mode of Revolution not seen in history—-with the Twentieth Century tearing at everything righteous—-leaving no stone un-turned.

We Shall See—-if Puritanism is not what is needed.

Punishment Up Ahead

If man chooses to view himself and the creation as unfallen—-man naturally assumes that his own knowledge is ultimate.  But and because of his fallen nature through the sin of Adam—-he is not rightly able to interpret reality or what is truth.  The sin of Adam took God out of man’s life and with  man’s  reasoning without God—-the fall has mans’ understanding lacking and limited —even as he thinks his “Reasoning” is supreme in the making of man’s reality and the truth of things as he may think they are—-even as they are “NOT”.

We have come to a plateau in our culture where Confusion, no rx Chaos, and Revolution is front and center—strangling the citizen —-as these doctrines become a type of religion—-with the philosophy substituting and being injected into man’s reasoning—-without the Bible and God’s instruction.  We now have, over the last 100 years—Gods instruction from the Bible being driven out of education, government, politics and the culture.  Man has taken reason, placing it above Biblical teaching (God’s Instruction).  The position of secular reasoning is now supreme, with that philosophy taking a superior position over Revelation and God’s Instruction.

Fast forwarding too today—-we have the Clinton political machine—–a Corrupt, Evil network of Sin—-that is taking the country straight to Hell.
In Matthew 23 Jesus tells the Scribes and Pharisees a series of “Woe unto you…” with Jesus closing with—.
“Verily I say unto you, all these things shall come upon this generation.”
Christ was talking about the condemnation of that generation—-which did happen in 70AD with the destruction of Jerusalem.  I pray this type of condemnation is not in store for the citizens of America.

We Shall See—-possibly as soon as November 8th.—–with that date marking the final assault on “righteousness”  with God’s punishment starting to take hold in earnest—-with serious ramifications—-as society slips completely into darkness.


In David Kupelian’s book “The Marketing of Evil’ (2005).  We have Patricia Hersch being quoted as observing, troche listening to, click questioning bonding with and winning the trust of eight teens in the posh suburban American town of Reston, ask Virginia.  From that research she produced her acclaimed portrait; “The Tribe Apart: A Journey into the Heart of American Adolescence”.

Kupelian states on page 63:
“The landscape she describes, as ubiquitous across America’s fruited plain as McDonald’s, is troubling indeed…”

Also stating on the same page:

“Hersch describes how hip-hop—-a multimillion—dollar music industry filled with the powerful political and serval images of rap—-has captivated a generation with drama of the ghetto and its daily struggle for survival.”

Major corporations like—-Viacom, Disney, AOL/Time Warner and others study America’s children like laboratory rats in order to sell them billions of dollars in merchandise by tempting, degrading, and corrupting them—-so says Kupelian and I happen to believe and agree with him.

His chapter 3 “Killer Culture” where the above information is taken from—-nails the problem—-that chapter alone is worth the price of the book.  It shows the breakdown of the culture with its decimations of both morals and ethics—-since the beginning of the 60’s until what we see today.  The younger generations from the beginning have progressively gone farther and farther afield—-off the good path—–into the weeds of corruption, sin and evil—–thinking they are cool.

The market worth for these companies that are chasing the youth is $150 Billion—that in itself says it all.  But that is not stating the depth of the real problem—-it is not the corporations that are following after what might be called and/or thought of as a business opportunity with them filling a market niche with some product and its development.

Kupelian says (Page 67)

“This would be bad enough—-if corporate America were just following and marketing the basest instincts of confused, unsupervised teenagers.  But they are not following, they are leading—downward.”

The media has developed the caricature of the The Mook (Male) and The Midriff (female).  The behavior has gotten ever more bizarre carrying the youth ever deeper into a pit as was the Sodom and Gomorrah of that day.  There is no depth to which the youth can, will, and do fall.  We cannot in this short article develop the seriousness of the problem and only ask you to look into the subject—-for it effects every nook and cranny of the culture.  Look at these terms “The Act of Suspension”, “Bug-Chasing”, “in love with Death”—Kupelian explains these terms in his book—-I had realized the seriousness of the issue but never thought it had gotten that bad.

You can see how these years of hatred have politically crushed our constitutional system—–as the youth was subjected to this twisted hatred of sin and evil—–it destroyed their ability to reason or have a Christian Worldview as Western Civilization once had.

David Kupelian nails it as I close with a couple of paragraphs from his book “The Marketing of Evil” (2005) — Pages 78,79.

“Today’s youth rebellion is not only against failing parents but against the entire adult society—against the children of the 1960s (Bill and Hillary Clinton) cultural revolution who grew up to become their parents.  Unfortunately, many of us never shook off the transforming effects of the national trauma, which birthed the “sex, drugs, and rock’n’ roll” youth counterculture, the leftist hate-America movement, the woman’s liberation movement, and overriding all, of course, the sexual revolution.

So we grew up to elect one of our own—a traumatized, a moral baby boomer named Bill Clinton.  If you don’t think Clinton’s escapades with Monica Lewinsky—covered by the media like the super bowl—had everything to do with the explosion of middle-school sexual adventures across America, then open your eyes.  We, the parents of this generation, along with the degrading entertainment media, the biased news media, the lying politicians, the brainwashing government school system, and the rest of the society’s once-great institutions whose degradation we have tolerated, and responsible.

No wonder our children are rebelling.  And today’s insane Sodom-and-Gomorrah culture, which we have allowed and in many ways create, stands waiting in the wings to welcome them with open arms.”

Has not Hillary proved she is part of that generation where she is not only evil but is pushing the Ideology of destruction?

We Shall See—I believe—shortly

It’s Coming

I have been saying this for years—-it’s coming—–and I think we are finally there—-to the point we have now arrived at the lessor of two evil in the presidential election—-&—your vote doesn’t matter as to who wins—–for that evil is now not the lessor but major and large enough to take on the citizen.  We now have enough evil on both sides of the presidential election coin—-that is real or perceived real—that choices matters little as to who you vote for —–it is coming.

I give you this article—-we can certainly understand what he is saying?

“With no gold to check the growth of credit, advice debt ran wild. With no old-time, here foot-dragging, tradition-hugging, moss-backed conservatives to hold it back, the government went wild. With no limits on what they could get away with, the cronies went wild, too. And with no real conservative left to challenge Hillary Clinton’s Deep State fantasies, the election of 2016 turned into a grotesque farce.”
Quote from this Article:

The above is crystal clear—-spending ran wild, no push back from the conservative and government ran wild seeking power and control over everything.  How much simpler could Mr. Bonner have made it?


Even as we look at the mess—we still want to think and believe all is well and the evilness will stop and we are at some plateau where things will normalize and evil will halt its diabolic pressures of destruction.  Not so—-feast your eyes on this.

Here is just a couple of lines quoted from the article:

“Speaking at an innovation conference in Pittsburgh last week, Obama called for what analysts said sounded like a government crackdown on free speech and online freedom. “We are going to have to rebuild within this wild-wild-west-of-information flow some sort of curating function that people agree to,” he argued, expressing concerns about “conspiracy theorists” and skeptics of the man-made global-warming theory having a platform. Other senior Obama officials, including former “regulatory czar” Cass Sunstein, have even proposed a government “ban” on conspiracy theorizing.”

Now I want to make it crystal clear—–evil will never stop—until—-it continues marching toward and completely destroys whatever it touches.  What surprises me regarding this simple fact is—–how ignorant most talk show guys are of this.  20+ years ago Rush could and did entertain the people with what I will call controversy in politics—trying his best to put the  “Conservative” spin on whatever happen to be the perceived problem of the day.  He was free to spin the plot–always having the good guy and the bad guy—-as the ball—to bounce back and forth.  Spinning and re-spinning the tale—–never getting to some answer or correct solution.

Here in lies the problem with the Talk Show guys playing their games on air.  In every compromise the Talk Show guys allowed—–evil with evil’s position got stronger—-no matter what it was or how small the compromise—-Evil got stronger.  You may think not of what I just said—but the fact of the matter is the times we now have—-will prove that point.

Obama is about to get on the case of every Talk Show and they will not have a clue as to the fact they allowed things to slide for years.  It will be sad to hear them squeal as they get pushed ever more into some corner.  The fact is—both the church and the Talk Show Guys and Gals will be crying the blues not really knowing what to do as they lose their listeners and their air time is depleted—-and—I dare say the ignorant citizen doesn’t have a clue as to what happen.

Pray God will have mercy on us folks—-Sending His Spirit and His Christ—-for we shall surely need them—after November 8, 2016.

We Shall See

Are we not getting tired of hearing all these half-truths—along  with frustration in hearing yet another problem that never seems to have an answer.  Even as the talk show guys seem to be able to talk about nothing but those problems.  They never get to the root of the problem—It is never getting to naming names, recipe never getting to the money and who is funding what nor with any type of a solution or for that matter getting to the truth of what is the supposed problem—–if in fact the bad guys are giving us much misdirection and loads of deception as I believe is happening.

I for one am tired of the talking about some problem—which turns out to be not the problem or the issue—-but a diversion to what they do not want you to see or think on regarding the real issue.

I have some simple “what if’s” regarding the debate tonight, the coming election and talk radio as a media for getting to the bottom line.

1/  What if?—-both Clinton and Trump are wanting the same thing (control and power) and in some twisted way intend on pursuing those goals upon getting elected—-a simple question that has not been addressed nor has it been dug into with any degree of vigor by talk radio or the media.  We have no idea how corrupt or how deep Trump may have gone to put some of his deals together.
We certainly know of the Clinton’s corruption—-even as Mr. Trump has pulled his punches—–not striking too hard at her in order to gain or attempt to gain—-some high ground and forcing his position into the winning column and god forbid we get to some truth way down under.  Clinton has been the feature of the video “Clinton Chronicles” Citizens for Honest Government 1995—the video was an indication just how corrupt government is and was becoming—with a general populous following along in ignorance—-electing Bill Clinton president.

2/  What if?—–Trump pulls his bunches in tonight debate?  What could that possibly mean for the America Citizen?

3/  What if?—-the talk show guys give Trump a pass—on his poor performance—-with them and Trump not seeking after truth with vigor.  Nor using the force needed to expose the truth of the corruption that most citizens at least seem to think is there.

4/  What if? The talk show guys know the bounds of their actions from years on the circuit and refuse to penetrate today’s vale of deception and perversion —knowing full well that they will be garbing the Tiger by the tail—-even as not garbing the tail would be cowardly for them—knowing full well they are allowing the country to sink.  This statement is critical in understanding we are not back in the days of early talk radio which was to be entertaining as they attempted to give us information—leaving things to slide.  We are in what I will call the last days of our culture and sliding fast.  This inability to strike at the heart of the problem will only project us ever closer toward destruction—destroying trust in and character of those we thought would stand.  Watch this one close if Clinton should be elected.  Jesus Christ, God and His Bible will be ever more important in finding truth.

Remember the issue is never the issue and to understand this will put you miles ahead.  Must see videos 1/ “Agenda” Grinding America Down —2/ “Agenda” 2—Masters of Deceit—Both DVD’s are by Curtis Bowers—-I highly recommend the DVD’s mentioned in this article.

Anyway enough—-We Shall See

In order to answer that question we must understand the question and to what depth it is implying the “magistrate” is to go—-in that protection.  For that answer I quote at length from this article.

The quote is from the article:
 “The Role of the Ruler and Magistrate” Georges Bavaud (1986).  The reformers worked through a Biblical based doctrine for the role of the ruler and magistrate.

“Within the context of Christianity, the charge of the magistrates is clearly distinguished from that of the ministers of the Church, who alone bear the responsibility of proclaiming the Word of God. The ultimate concern of the civil servants, however, is the same as that of the ecclesiastical pastors: to lead Christians to the Kingdom of Heaven.

The magistrate is, in fact, the defender of the two tables of the Decalogue: “The title which Aristotle gave the magistrates . . . agrees well with what Moses wrote in Deuteronomy (1:9-18) and St. Paul in the epistle to the Romans (13:1-7). What is this title? He calls them Keepers of the Law.”1 Viret continues: “We must understand that they also have the care of the souls of their subjects, that the keeping and preservation of the entire Law and of both tables is committed to them, and that they serve for the salvation of men by using their power and authority to uphold the holy doctrine, the true service of God.”2

Thus the Reformer calls rulers and magistrates the “guardians and custodians of the Church and her well-being.”3
[1] Pierre Viret, Instruction Chrestienne en la Doctrine de la Loy et de l’Évangile, Tome I (Geneva, 1564), p.450
[2] Ibid.
[3] Ibid., p. 604

The question is—–Will Clinton or Trump protect you the citizen?
First: We note the separation of “Church and State” was fixed even back in the time of the reformers (1500’s).  In the reformers mind there was never a doubt as to the charge in duty for the “Magistrate” nor was there question in the minds of the Founding Fathers who put together the “Declaration of Independence” along with the “Constitution of the United States”.  The founders knew what the soldiers, the magistrate and King George was doing.  They had stepped over the doctrinal lines of old and what the “Reformers” had worked through.
Second:  We establish if  the magistrate have a responsibility—according to the reformers they were called the “Keepers of the Law”  holding the responsibility of  and I quote from above:
“…and that they serve for the salvation of men by using their power and authority to uphold the holy doctrine, the true service of God.”

It is crucial that we tie the protection of the citizen to what I quote next—for the politician is doing just that which Goebbels is talking about. (Quoted in the next paragraph)  Lies big enough are no longer needed to confuse and/or twist the citizen thinking—we are being bombarded with a continued series of many little lies that make-up the “Political Correct” talking points so as we need not one big lie.  The fact is we do not have an honest news media makes all the difference in the world as to how the truth of the issue is presented and/or defended—-if it is to be defended.

The Quote:

Hitler’s “Reich Minister of Propaganda,” Joseph Goebbels, who infamously stated the following.

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it. The lie can be maintained only for such time as the State can shield the people from the political, economic and/or military consequences of the lie.  It thus becomes vitally important for the State to use all its powers to repress dissent, for the truth is the mortal enemy of the lie; and thus by extension, the truth is the greatest enemy of the State.”
You would get a negative re-action out of most politicians if you would suggest this:
“…thus the Reformer calls rulers and magistrates the “guardians and custodians of the Church and her well-being.” (Quoted from above)

I think you get the same negative reaction from the politician even if you would say——they are to protect the citizen.  Is it—-that they take the seriousness of their duty and responsibility lightly or not at all—so why is this?—the fact is—-they are part and parcel—-involved with the deception, perversion, and the big lie that we as citizens cannot find out nor know the truth or depth of the matter. This type of deception with the “Big Lie” will eventually be subjected to the truth and the collapse of the social fabric.

The problem the citizen has with the “Big Lie” is—– it may go on until there is another part of the government structure IE: the Economy, the Law of the land, the Social Web, the Ethics and/or the Morals that cause the culture to disintegrate—-with society coming to the point where nobody is trusting anyone.

So did we answer the question—–can you trust Clinton or Trump to protect the citizen? You tell me—-are they righteous, do they understand the reformers and what they wrote?  There is a Biblical concept of justice they must answer—–and the question is—can they?

We Shall See


Last night’s debate between Clinton and Trump was a disappointment to a large percentage of American people.  Erik Erickson in his article “American Colonoscopy” claims;
Last  Paragraph:
“The big loser of the night, treat however, discount was not Trump or Lester Holt. It was America.  Two unlikeable candidates went into the debate and came out even more unlikeable. …”

I wish Mr. Erickson would have dedicated a few lines of his article to the “Why” he thought the American citizen was the loser.

I know—I know—Erickson mentioned a number of items that should have been addressed by Trump and were not—with Trump missing major opportunities to jump on & in with both feet.  But I would have guessed Trump would have lost his cool if he would have jumped in—even so—if he had—they would have been the same talking points I have heard these past months and I can’t help thinking the citizens would still be the loser.

There is little in the way of serious analysis or depth of dissecting and reviewing of the Politician’s “World View”—–the thinking and belief that drives the evilness of what is happening in & to the culture and the American family as the politician twists our way of life.

We have no impatience with injustice, story hypocrisy or falseness regarding the politician’s action.  God was raging through the Prophets—Abraham J. Heschel tells us in his book “The Prophets” 1962—-we have none of that today.  What we do have is explanation after explanation—with excuse after excuse—with talking point after talking point substituted for understanding of the situation or issues as they make up the complete picture of the corruption and perversion—not telling but twisting the truth.

We know nothing of what we see—cannot see nor connect the dots and even if we did see—our minds would not allow us to use Biblical Principles and God’s word as did the Prophets.

No what we saw last night was two rudderless people acting as politicians—telling the people what they thought or think we wanted to hear—-trying to keep open their options and/or knowing they will need to change the talking points to match their motivation in the future.  There was no depth of analysis in their statements last night—no principle stated or put forth last night—-only PC talking points with complete flexibility for the two of them.  They told us what they wanted to and/or what they thought we wanted to hear last night and I would not be so sure it will not happen at the next debate.

We have known for years and I mean decades, that if we kept asking for and voting for the lessor of two evil—-eventually our selection of candidates would be just that “Evil”.  We shall see—just what kind of evil and how evil—evil can get—shortly—maybe in November.


Yesterday and Today

In Abraham J. Heschels book “The Prophets” 1962 we have some interesting insight into the thinking and way the Old Testament prophets reacted to a situation—allow me to quote from his book.

“Their (the prophets) breathless impatience with injustice may strike us as hysteria.  We ourselves witness continually acts of injustice, story manifestations of hypocrisy, falsehood, outrage, misery, but we rarely grow indignant or overly excited.  To the prophets even a minor injustice assumes cosmic proportions.”

Remember Heschel is writing in the early 60’s when things are supposedly going fairly well for America—he is seeing things on the surface as calm and peaceful yet I think he feels an uneasiness as something is about to go terribly wrong, wondering why there is not a higher pitch in the voice, and/or showing of a more concern as did the prophets.

Remember he is attempting to understand and write on how the prophets thought and received their revelation from God.  He writes in his introduction these words.
“Explanation, when regarded as the only goal of inquiry, becomes a substitute for understanding.”

Some 50+ years after he wrote those words we have the same occurrence repeating itself over and over—only now we call it an excuse with a small verbal correction to the statement—forcing a compromise—which is then pushed on the citizens—-repeating the statement until it is accepted.  Political Correctness—–PC at its best with not many understanding the fact that we have allowed God to be evicted from our lives, our family, our educational system and our Government—-without so much as a raising of the voice—even as we have killed millions of babies—with the pro-life movement not able to stop any of the murders.

The prophets, like Jeremiah, were appalled at the actions of Israel and told them so—-probably with a raised voice telling them what they did or didn’t do.

Look at what Jeremiah in 2:12-13 says
12/ “Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saidth the Lord.”
13/ For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”

Does this not sound familiar—the politicians doing contrary to God’s Law and thinking nothing of what ramification might occur?  50+ years later—-today—-we can apply Heschel’s words to the situation—–“We ourselves witness continually acts of injustice, manifestations of hypocrisy, falsehood, outrage, misery, but we rarely grow indignant or overly excited.”—even as some would say today is worse than 50 years ago.  Isn’t there something very much wrong—no one is speaking up with a volume of voice that gets anyone’s attention or shows concern—&—-no one is getting excite—is anyone concern with the fact that the culture might be disintegrating or heading for serious trouble—even as we have broken cisterns and forsaken the living water?  The politicians and people will find no excuse in their lack of action.

We Shall See?

Trotsky’s quoted of Lenin’s famous April Theses—–issued shortly after Lenin’s return to Russia from exile—–Lenin stated;

“They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and reformation through the ballot.  When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.”

In Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” and the chapter “Means and Ends” we have part of the answer as to “Why” the “Righteous and True Conservative” of today—-do not understand the truth of—-or the what of—-and the facts of “What” is happening to our culture and society—-nor can that citizen understand the correction to this type of deception. Lenin typifies the actions and reactions of todays “Progressive Revolutionary, cialis the Liberal, Political Correct Politician and now the Democratic Party along with the News Media.  There is a constant misuse of words—redefining of the word meanings—using false definitions and the constant repeating of the falseness and falsehood of those words—-until they are believed or accepted.

The question of time and how long it might take to implement or change some policy is of no consequence or importance to the radical.  The changing of—or more accurately the bringing down of the social foundations is the goal and focus of all their thrust—-it is a constant chipping at—–in an attempt to destroy the social fabric and belief system—there is no truth or little truth to what they say and want to happen.

The type of action and reaction the “Revolutionary” will want to manifest—-is a constant flux, changing directions in the “Means” they might need to implement—-it changes, with the availability of means dictating the mode of action and attack that is to be taken.  There is never a consideration of “What is the truth”—-but rather, what will get them to their “End”. Remember “The End justifies the Means” all the while the citizen and believer in the Bible and as a Constitutionalist—-will use the law of the land and think with reason and logic adding to his argument. Mean time the radical is completely flexible in deception and what truth represents—–it becomes easy for them to deceive their enemies with no truth necessary—–mixing half-truths in their false ethics and morals having a total misdirection and deception in their political issues and/or policy directions.

Nothing is fixed as we march steadily toward their ideological vent of “Communism” which they have mellowed into something they call truth in Progressive Radicalism which is Atheism and something completely contrary to Western Civilization that was called “Communism”.  We now have a political element constantly going in the wrong direction as we try to correct it with a means and ends that is well outside of the ethic’s and tradition of Christian Religion——all the while the Marxist—-using deception, with a barrage of lies and the twisting of words march toward their twisted end—with the Christian not seeing or using those tactics, unable to find or force the truth of the Bible into the arena of discussion and establishing God’s authority—–nor having God’s authority as the foundation of the righteous position—–not capable of finding grounding in the Christian Religion, the Bible, and Jesus Christ.

Western Civilization and the Christian Religion must be careful, so as not to allow the explanations of the issue to become the goal—–it is the understanding of “How” the game is being played by the Atheist Progressive that has become the more important part of this all important game of life.  Reason, Logic with truth is no longer the point of the argument and this fact will take a different type of argumentation in Biblical Faith, with God’s authority being forced into the arena.  The Bible must become the basis of authority with faith constantly pushing and forcing the issue of what is “Truth” and whose word is to be believed.

What have we entered into?——a place of “No Reason—No Logic—-and now—No Truth—with everything in flux—-nothing fixed or stable.

We Shall See

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