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Emotion and Fact

Below are a couple of sentences that come from Andy Hoffman’s Daily Thoughts—just received today VIA e-mail—here is the link scroll don’t until you get to his column:

Quoted from the above article/link
“In the past 24 hours alone, the so-called strongest economy in the world- the United States of Present and Future Destruction – reported weaker than expected personal income; a dramatic, “unexpected” decline in the “pending home sale index”; the ninth straight monthly decline of the Dallas Fed manufacturing index; an “unexpected” decline in the Case-Shiller Home Price Index; and a shockingly ugly August trade deficit of $67 billion, compared to expectations of “just” $59 billion.”

I just had breakfast (this morning) with a political associate and friend who in his thinking over the years—–thought—–like so many—-it was just a matter of education and a feeding of the facts—-to the electorate and all will be well.  Those voters would be convinced you were right in your assessment of the facts and fall in line with what you thought was the right thing to do—-voting for that person or supporting the issue—after having the facts explained.

Why did I put the link and few facts above—&—-What does any of that have to do with my friend?

Just this—-The above are supposed to be facts indicating the health of the economy and if anyone wants to dig—–can find supporting evidence as to the truth of the above—–but most of all—-common sense will tell you what you need to know and show you that documentation in the debt numbers.  According to Mark Levin—-he claims we are $200 Trillion in debt in unfunded liabilities—Plus the $18T everyone should know about and the number they see daily.  Isn’t it strange not many are up in arms over the possibility of the country going down the tubes—bankrupt—Wasted—the Constitution gone?  There is no emotion regarding this possibility—–even as——they allow themselves to be worked into frenzy—–over the smallest of unimportant things in life—the citizen continually being guided and pushed around—–why is this?  Man does not want to think deeply, nor disturb his comfortable seat by the TV nor disturb his position in life—-the middle class will need to be disturbed big time—-then and only then you might get a rise out of him—but by that time it will be too late to make any corrections—-foundations will be destroyed—with emotion or knowing facts correcting nothing.
We Shall See—-Don’t you think????

We have come to a point in history where it is necessary to think hard and look deep into the actions of the politicians, their paths and where they are leading us with their outcomes, John Boehner—-Speaker of the House has resigned and the talking heads are speculating on the why’s of the action. Covering every aspect of the PC arena—-but If we look at emotions, opinions with the raising apprehensions of the people and the political situation it makes all the sense in the world that a confused mess should force the undoing of weak leadership——–that failing had to come somewhere at the top.

The confused politicians with their perverted standards continue to give us misdirection in judgements of path and courses of action.  We have seen this on any number issues in the past weeks and of course over the years.  If the foundations and standards be destroyed and judgements confused is it not the usual path to be taken that leads to social chaos?  History has shown us this any number of times.
Edmond Burke wrote of the French Revolution August 9, 1789 to Lord Charlemont:

“England gazing with astonishment at a French struggle for liberty and not knowing whether to blame or to applaud!”

Burke continues;

“Men must have a certain fund of moderation to qualify them for freedom else it becomes noxious to themselves and a prefect nuisance to every body else.”

Burke even as he may have had some confusion in and of the French Revolution—-in the beginning of the affair—-quickly came to the correct understanding of their motives and attempts at defining liberty by the year 1790.   By 1790 the mood of curious approval by Burke and the English had turned from that—–to one of defense of the English Parliament, the King and Queen, along with their system of government.  Burke saw the perversion of the thinking and wanted to keep that revolutionary emotional thinking out of England.  Burke and his insight of counter revolutionary was 50 years ahead of Karl Marx Socialism and/or Communism—-Burke wanted nothing to do with it—I am not sure we have the same thought today.

History truly does repeat itself and we need to take close note of what is happening and judge carefully as to what that is, what is in fact happening in 2015—-we are having our standards destroyed one by one and todays troubles are not new but can be found in past years.  If we cannot find justice with fairness and keep a Biblical standard we are doomed—what was happening under Boehner as Speaker of the House was a problem—but note well what is about to happen without Boehner is a possible developing problem of a much larger scope.  The Decade of the 1790’s and the French Revolution was a problem let us hope we see none of that Social, Cultural and Political Confusion that was of the French debacle.

Charles S. Peirce (1839-1941) is written about in Paul Kurtz’s book (1966)— “American Philosophy in the Twentieth Century” A source book from Pragmatism to Philosophical Analysis.

The particular section on Peirce opens with these two sentences:

“Charles S. Peirce is probably the most profound and creative philosopher that America has produced.  Though his writings are often obscure and disorganized, they are brilliant in their philosophical virtuosity.”

I quote these opening lines after reading Peirce’s “The Fixation of Beliefs” written in 1877—were Peirce says this about Charles Darwin—remember Darwin’s book “Origin of the Species” was published in 1859 not to many years earlier.

Peirce says this:
“The Darwin controversy is, in large part, a question of logic, Mr. Darwin proposed to apply the statistical method to biology.”

Darwin in his development of the Theory of Evolution is using the Doctrine of Probabilities—-as did Clauius and Maxwell in their studies of the properties of gases.

Peirce goes on to say this:

“…Darwin while unable to say what the operation of variation and natural selection in every individual case will be, demonstrates that in the long run they will adapt animals to their circumstances.” 

I believe Peirce is questioning Darwin—in his supposed observations—for Peirce goes on to say this:

“The object of reasoning is to find out, from consideration of what we already know, something else which we do not know.  Consequently, reasoning is good if it be such as to give a true conclusion from true premises, and not otherwise.  Thus, the question of validity is purely one of fact and not of thinking.  A being the premises and B being the conclusion, the question is, whether these facts are really so related that if A is, B is.  If so, the inference is valid, if not, not.”

I laid these couple of sentences out to re-enforce what I am about to say.  My colleagues, just the other evening—— got into a somewhat heated discussion regarding Darwin and his theory of evolution.  It was said of my colleagues position, “Creationism”—it is unscientific and that it (that position) was actually killing science and the scientific method of discovery.

If in fact Peirce was not arguing against Darwin makes no matter—I will use Peirce’s positioning as the premise to make my point.  Darwin used the Doctrine of Probability, with a statically possibility of truth being there—all the while Darwin was flying in the face of God and what He says—showing no fear of Him who created man.  Truth is not some statistically right of some possible fact—-it will be God as creator or it will be some Theory of Man concocted by man for man’s evolution and coming into being——take your pick.

That lack of fear, with much aggression, showed forth the other night as the person would have nothing to do with
1/ Hearing my colleague’s position.
2/ Nor wanting to know if their position has logical flaws (as I say Peirce points out)
Neither one of the above two points interested the person—–which leads me to these questions.  If seeking after truth is of the most importance why are not people willing to find it?  And more to the point—–Todays individuals appear to not be interested in listening to or searching for truth.  I find this particularly true in the political arena—where the politician fakes listening with the occasional yes moving of the head—–with a nothing ness of truth settling in and/or making some penetration of his logic—-there seems to be no leverage with truth today.

That person walked away from my colleagues, I supposed frustrated at—we poor ignorant Christian—– believing God created the world in 7 days—no less.

We Shall See—someday—Don’t you think?

Could This Be It

Here is something you may want to view:

36 minutes—–Greg Hunter interviewing Jim Sinclair —- Jim is from a line of bankers and Wall Street investors that date back to the Robber Baron days—–so when he says someone is talking to him (says it in the video—see link above)—–it would be better if you listened to him—–&—-at least pay attention to what he might be saying.
Mr. Sinclair last year set-up an operation (Gold Exchange) in the Far East and has been dealing in Gold and Silver for some time now.

Listen to the video—–he is claiming something is due to happen this fall—so he was told.  Told by whom????—–he does not say—-which of course makes everything void and one big conspiracy—-but I had to throw it out there—for you to see and hear.

It Cannot End Well

The direction of the country will change or it will perish.
John Calhoun (1782-1850) —– On March 4th 1850, weaken by pneumonia, appeared in the Senate and ask that his remarks be read for him by his friend and colleague, Mr. Mason of Virginia.  Calhoun was attempting to avoid what he knew was coming—-a clash between North and South.  The general discontent of the south argued Calhoun—“…was not a consequence of the natural course of time and events, but rather of active interference on the part of the federal government.”  Calhoun died less than 30 days later on March 31, 1850.

He was prophetic in his predictions, and that this building conflict will in 10 short years lead to civil war—-from which I do not think we have recovered.  Oh yes! We became an industrial giant—filling in the gaps with addition States and thriving cities across the land—–but as Calhoun stated in his last speech “The Admission of California-and the General State of the Union” ( March 4, 1850) he believed and worded it this way—-“…the cords of union have been ripped asunder, and all power rests in the hands of the northern majority.”  The South he said—-“…has no compromise to offer but the Constitution  and no concession or surrender to make…”

Note well Calhoun said the bonding cords—that union was broken—-and they had only the constitution to fall back on—doesn’t that sound like something happening today?  With that Calhoun asked a couple of critical questions in the opening paragraphs of his speech.
1/ How can the union be persevered?
2/ What has caused this widely diffused and almost universal discontent?

Calhoun knew the South could not remain as things were and keep their honor of character and safety of their property.  (Sound familiar)  The equilibrium of government had shifted and the law of the land, through the constitution would not make the corrections needed.  Calhoun saw—– “…the last is a system of political measures, by which the original character of the government has been radically changed”.

Calhoun and the Southern States were trouble and plagued with this—-“…and governed by the will of the numerical majority, has now, in fact, the control of the government and the entire powers of the system.”  That majority (in the north) was ever stronger and more antagonistic toward the south.

I’ll stop there—you can read his speech and study Calhoun with the southern states causes of their discontent—-how the North kept pushing the South toward open conflict.  Is that not happening today and do we not have today a greater crisis than in those days of Calhoun—-in that the attack today is on and directed at all cords of social compact—Spirituality (ones Faith)—Ecclesiastical (doctrinal belief)—Social (law) and finally Political (Justice).  The fact that frustration and anxiety is in all elements of life—–tells one—-that discontent is about the citizens—to force the disunion of the social compact.

If one looks at the two (today verse 1850) time periods of that history and what Calhoun was dealing with—–he had none of the philosophical elements that develop in the last half of the 1800’s—-yet the evil was worked through numbers with in the government.  It was a majority with ill intent, wanting power with control and the ability to force their will and taxation were they wish—with no regard for truth or justice.

Today even as the people appear to be saying one thing—while the government is doing and giving us what they wish and all the while the evilness within the government is there and against the people.  The government has the strength of their corruption to force the evilness on all elements of the social fabric and people.  Note well——the outcome is going to be the same as in 1850 and Calhoun’s time—-a forced disunity because of a break down in knowing what the “Godly Righteousness” of the issue should be.

It will be interesting to follow and compare the breakdown of the Calhoun’s times and what is happenings today.  Calhoun saw something—What was it?  I do believe it was the same type of social insanity and beak down we see today—for the paths appear to have similar sign posts all along the way——and—It cannot end well.
We Shall See—Shortly

What Do You Want?

I am quoting from Gabriel Sherman’s article “How Roger Ailes picked Trump, and Fox News Audience, over Megyn Kelly”  (see link below)

“Ailes offered Trump the chance to do a special on Kelly’s prime-time show to clear the air — an offer Trump flatly refused. “Donald was sufficiently pissed off that there was no way that was happening,” a person familiar with the call told me. According to the source, Trump’s ire was especially stoked after Howard Stern called to tell him about a 2010 interview in which Kelly joked about her breasts and her husband’s penis. Ailes offered other shows, and Trump agreed to appear on Fox and Friends and Hannity, two venues that have been loyal boosters of his candidacy.”

The tone and tenor of the article leaves you with little doubt that the hardball played in those arenas should not be underestimated and that every step—-on all sides—-must be measured as to outcome.

Ailes must be walking a fine line with the owner of “Fox News” wanting profits and earnings to stay up——all the while the same folks—-the globalist and one world order big boys who own the place—– wanting Ailes and things to go their way——forcing a fixed direction of “Progressive” moves—-yet all the while—-the operation must make money—-hiding the perversion and twisted deceit of what is really going on.

I do believe if the extent of the deception and the complete story could be told—“We the People” would find not much in the way of righteousness or concern for the citizens of the Good Old USA—–and how or where the “Constitution” fits in was never thought about.  The Country and its people never enter into the discussion between Ailes and Trump—– it was personal and coming right from the Ego of both guys—each wanting to know who was going to do what—–Ailes wanting to keep his position and of course saving his skin & job by giving what—– the big boys up stairs wanted——that is—-money and keep things moving in the direction they wanted. (Corporatist Progressive-ism their way)  All the while Trump proved his point—– that he was a force to be reckoned with—-&—- he was not going to allow some female—-doing the bidding of the boys upstairs——dictate  his moves or where he is to be positioned on the board.  There was nothing righteous in anything either Ailes or Trump negotiated between the two of them—-what happen was—–both “Tigers” now understand the game and for the time being understand each other’s strength and where their positioning must be.

That my dear friends—–tells me nothing of what or where the poor citizen is—accept possible meat for Tigers—–is Trump fighting for the cause and/or did that flare-up indicate he was capable of righteousness with a change in directions and future paths he will put the citizens on—can we expect more in the way of righteous direction with strong leadership from him? —–Will he get us closer to leadership that fears God and understands what truth and liberty is really all about?

We Shall See—Don’t you think?

Not sure which is worse—–the debate on Thursday evening or these couple of news items—taken from the links below:

The IMF Threatens to Kill the U.S. Dollar

Global Banking System on the Verge of Total Collapse

Both the debate and the two articles are hustling you or somebody—–using different elements as the lever—–to force a reaction and direction from the people.

The debate was guided by Fox News and after reading “The Accuracy in Media (AIM) Report”—–which I just received in the mail——-you must wonder who is telling the truth about what and/or who.

Here is the line quoted from the AIM report;

“While Murdoch’s attack on Trump is getting media attention, less well known is the fact that the head of the parent company of Fox News is a “leader” of the Partnership for a New Economy, a major corporate group lobbying for amnesty for illegals.”

While there is and was much dissatisfaction with the debate at 9:00 on Thursday evening—can anyone in their right mind not understand why or who was pulling the strings of the debate and who was going to attempt to make it go there way—even if truth is—or must be—-sacrificed.

If you understand the debate had nothing to do with getting to—-or—at truth which is supposed to be coming out of—-or—-from the candidates—–you start to understand why things went the way they did.

The fix was in and some would be guided with soft ball questions and made to look good—while others would be picked at and set-up to look like odd balls—-trusting in God and/or hearing from Him—–those given that question to expose them as seeming like some kind of nut case—and yet another group were given a pass—–letting the silence of those not being questioned——appear to be an oversite without intention.

What Fox News did Thursday evening was to destroy yet another couple of percentage points of trust America and the Citizens had in their leadership.  The great part of the evening was the fact that ——–so many watched the debate and if Breitbart assessment—–through their call-in’s on Sunday evening program—–is/was correct—-many people where not happy campers with the way the debate was handled and saw right through the side show called—– the—–“Presidential Debate”.

I close with this;   Because—I believe we are there and there will be no reversing course once this happens.

Psalms 11:3—– “If the foundations be destroyed, what can the righteous do?”

We Shall See—Don’t you think???


Trump Hits a Nerve

This is a must read article :

The Republican Party had better wake-up to what is really going on these past 30+ years—-even as I might add—it’s been going on for a Hell-of a lot longer.   I would suggest people——take Trump seriously—-for he holds a couple of Trump Cards—-(no joke meant)——if in fact the Republican Party wants to play hard ball.  This thing could get real serious—–real quick.

I believe the question coming into play is; —- Is Donald Trump  and the other 15-16 folks running—serious about their want of saving America as the next president? Because if they are—–McCain,—-the Republican Leadership,—–and Rino’s along with the “Progressives” had better watch out as to who they attack.—-If Trump plays the Red, White and Blue card—–the game is over—he will not need the issues card but will stand on the his and everyone’s record.  As the article implies—-What is the “Record”? — What has McCain done for his POW and Vet’s compatriots—as he was in the Senate?

No let us continue to dig as deep as need be—What about the Federal Reserve and what have they done to the American Citizens and the “Economy”?  What about the Department of Education and the Educational System with “Common Core”?  I have a whole bag full of “What About” questions that need answering.  Hell if the politicians would have been answering and/or doing something about them over the years we might not be in this mess—and—and—Donald Trump may never have come on to the scene.

So don’t blame Poor Trump—Ha Ha—“poor”—–Hell—–the Republican Party forced him on to the stage—if for no other reason than to take advantage of it.



In view of the recent riots across the country—-When are the blacks going to be held responsible for their criminal behavior? When are they going to marry the women they impregnate? When are they going to pay for their children they are responsible for? When are they going to act civilized instead of living as their ancestors did hundreds of years ago? When are they going to stop killing their own and destroying our cities? And when is the mainstream news media going to cover those unreported stories? When is Al Sharpton going to stop working for the Democrat party to keep racial tensions stirred up and start working for the people he claims he represents? When is he going to pay his millions of back taxes? When are the Democrats going to stop telling the minorities that they are ‘victims’ and treat them as the working class and expect them to contribute to society as all others are expected to? Blacks have just as much potential as everyone else but will never achieve their God given potential as long as the liberals control them. When are the politicians going to face reality and stop living in LA-LA land before our once great country is no longer great?
I’m waiting!

I have been going through my past articles in an attempt to see if I was close to getting anything right——as I looked into the future back then.  What I find is things had moved forward with a smoothness that is surprising to me—-even as the same symptoms seem to be prevailing in the culture today as they did then.  The indicators with symptoms and issues seem to be worse today than in the past but somehow things and life seem to move along with smoothness and not seem that bad.  Therefore few notice anything of a serious nature that is wrong and few seem to care one way or the other.

In my article “Nail me to the Barn” written Oct. 25, 2007—–We find this quote from Jim Sinclair in the article;
“The very idea that credit and borrowing is wealth is a perversion of economics 101 thanks to Mr. Greenspan.  The Federal Reserve and Mr. Bernicke have put the dollar in terrible jeopardy and its’ technical position has been compromised…”

You can find the complete article here:

The deterioration of the culture today seems to be more intense showing signs of failure that no one seems to notice—–with the citizens appearing to have blinders on, moving ever easy through the maze of regulation and Big Government Corruption (Hillary Clinton and the Clinton Foundation being the latest) —-the citizens seeing one scandal after another roll off the assembly line of government and the bureaucratic entanglement of intrigue.  As my predictions in 2007 never did come to pass—–so I ask myself in 2015—– How is this possible?  And how long can this go on?

Look at this:

Some 7 plus years later we find Bernicke come and gone with the FED chairman now being a women by the name of Ms.Yellen who within the last year has taken over as the “Printing Press Manager”—printing the American citizen Trillions and Trillions of dollars in debt—–the stock market has no reason for going up—yet it is——Silver and Gold pricing is being suppressed—WHY?—The Weimar Republic has not come to pass and somehow we have managed to keep both “Inflation” and the “Terrorist” out of the USA and off the almighty Dollar$$$$——-even as we found the terrorist 7 miles south of the southern borders in some camp (So they say) and that just happened a couple of weeks ago.  The first Black president is now into his second term with racial tensions worse than they had been at Harpers Ferry with John Brown and before the Civil War.  As I write Baltimore, Md. is burning—-so they say—with white cops supposedly killing Black folks across the country and some folks think they should have some space to themselves to burn and waste.  Nothing is making any sense—with government leadership giving your property away to someone—so they burn it—–nothing seems right —-&—-nothing the government does is trusted to be true or right any more—the “Constitution” is not keeping anything in line or right side up.

How this stayed together from 2007 until now is a mystery.  If this does stay together until 2016 it will be by God’s grace as was His grace the last 7 years—–you name it —nothing is right nor does anything seem right—and—-voting a Republican into the office of president in 2016 is not going to fix any of this.  Let us see how this works out and if the progressives don’t bury another RINO—-along with the country on Election Day 2016.
We Shall See—shortly—Don’t you think?


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