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Fyodor Dostoyevsky (1821-1881) wrote: “If God does not exist, everything is permitted.”

The truth of the statement cannot be questioned—-at least I don’t think so.

If God does exist then compromise with a branding of some sort of Conservative leaning cannot in fact be the way to a truth because God allows anyone to attempt to identify truth, which must be the starting point. Anything said, should be considered as what is the truth rather than some position of a compromising agenda. It is this truth of the matter that should be hinged to a higher authority if that truth or falsehood is to be judged or a situation resolved.

Truth and understanding has a given wisdom from which one draws conclusions—placing the issue in a position of being a Conservative or Liberal mode for judgment will answer nothing but excite debate as nothing of truth can be exposed. We find this back and forth daily with talk radio never coming to an answer—only a constant stating of the problem, and with that rehashing of the problem there is an expecting of some answer to appear. If could almost be claimed they are not even stating the real problem nor I dare say—–they do not want to find an answer.

The first and most important question is: Does God exist?
If “NO” He does not—then I say have at it—all is permitted.
This answer to that question—- and HE does exist—–will force you to do away with all labels and name calling replacing all debate with the question—What is God’s truth?

I care not where you stand but tell me your truth.

We Shall See—-If anyone starts to see the light of God’s truth—–Labeling and Pigeon holing will solve nothing accept hide the fact you do or don’t—–believe there is a GOD—–and confuses much—we should be after God’s truth if in fact we think HE exists and HIS truth can be found.


Is it easy to fall?

Is it easy to fall from the rule of good men with intelligence, having religious convictions? To a group of few men trying to do good—–all the while those few good men think they are doing good as they cannot stopping the drift——nor can they focus on the complex issues of religious doctrine, with its connections, that makes a citizen and government righteous and work correctly. There is that drift away from religious connections for its citizens and government—that makes government not function, and from there, but an easy step into tyranny.

From that drift toward tyranny and ignorance—there is all types of evilness capable of being manifested within the social fabric. And with that drift—we will shortly become a militarized police state with its citizens falling into and/or being viewed not as citizens but enemy combatants. This type of separation into combatant classifications will have headings such as “Religious Fanatics”, “Conservatives with a Radical Political Direction”, and/or “Anti-Government Zealots”.

Is it easy to fall? I say “Yes” I watched it happen these last 50 years, even as I think this facet of deterioration in history and the culture has been going on since the early 1900’s—-over a 100 years.

I wish to isolate one small issue that I believe will grow in magnitude as the other parts of the social fabric come apart at the seams—-forcing moves in the direction of this to happen and that is an—– “Article V Convention” ——“Convention of the States” —–“Con-Con”. Hopefully one of those titles of the movement is correct and all understand of what I speak —-because—-regardless of name of the convention—-there is danger in it and having some type of Constitutional Amending Convention calling it what you want. We must not open the door for politicians to rewrite and destroy our Constitution.

Questions that need answering;
1/ Who is calling for Article V Convention?

This is an important question because it will, if researched, show who or what you might be getting into bed with and it might surprise many conservatives as to who wants this convention.

2/ Why are liberals calling for an Article V convention?

It might surprise most conservatives as to the number of Liberals and Progressives that favor the Article V convention—people like Rep. Nancy Pelosi,—-Professor of Law at Harvard Law School Lawrence Lessig,—-Law Professor at Texas A&M University’s School of Law Mary Margaret Penrose,—- Democratic Hawaii State Legislators,—–Texans United to Amend.
In fairness to these people and those groups mentioned—their motives maybe honorable even as they open the convention up to any number of amendments, having a possible confused direction and intention—although I doubt there is any confusion on their part. I for one would not want to guess or speculate as to want of righteousness on any liberal intentions.

3/ Who? If ask today, is going to represent you in such a convention?

Would it be someone with liberal or constitutional values—-or maybe the question should be—–Does that person have righteous intentions believing in “God” and “Biblical Principles”? I would think you want that type of person?

4/ Why would politician suddenly start following an amended Constitution after ignoring our current one for so long?

Someone will need to answer this question before I would go along with fooling around with our Constitution or any Article V convention.

5/ Why has the mainstream media largely ignored the push for an “Article V Convention”?

Surely the media must be in favor of the Liberal/Progressive element that has already signed on to this enterprise.

6/ Why would anyone want to gamble with the Constitution in this day and age with no righteous leadership in Harrisburg, PA. or Washington DC? An Article V convention would open the door for the Constitution to be completely rewritten.

Anyone that cannot see the corruption and deceit that is oozing from every crack of our government is blind and without vision to see that danger—as most politicians caring less for the people——looking to get re-elected their main thrust and occupation—-with getting rich their second interest—–as “We the People”—-&—“the Country”—- fall somewhere down at the bottom of the list that the politician thinks important.

The real solution is to enforce our Constitution, not amend it—-but we not only have corrupt politicians but a few cowards who “go along to get along”—–making up the rest of the government.

We Shall See—-shortly——Don’t you think?


The Mideast is in turmoil with ISIS threatening to kill everyone who does not convert to their convoluted religion. This is happening primarily because Obama ordered out our military and left a vacuum just as G.W. Bush warned it would. Many of Obama’s staunch appointees gave the same warning including the military and Pentagon leaders. Obama refused to listen and refused to act on the advice of his experts! All of his appointees to every government agency are involved in scandals and none are fired or held accountable, in fact they are either promoted or continue to receive a salary and pension. Then there is the phony war on woman the left talks about. There is no war, just the left ‘using’ women like Sandra Fluke to accomplish their political agenda by getting more votes. They also did the same thing to minorities but use welfare entitlements instead.
Our president released five of the worlds worst terrorist leaders in exchange for a man who abandoned his post and collaborated with the enemy according to the men he served with. He did all of this without consulting with anyone! At the same time he lets a war veteran, a Marine, rot in a Mexican prison. Our government is essentially falling apart. Obama is not a leader and certainly not presidential material. At best, he’s a slick liar that sounds good. A look at his past tells us what we need to know as to why that is. He’s an anti Israel and anti American radical who was raised an Islamic Muslim by dysfunctional parents and hung around with other radicals like Bill Ayres. He should be removed forcibly as a traitor to the American way of life before Iran gets the nuclear bomb and starts WWIII. Next, and more importantly, we need to look deeply into our souls and consider how we allowed this to happen before harsh reality wakes us up!

Romans 13

In Paul’s letter to the Romans— Chapter 13 verses 1-7 we have his instructions as to conduct we should hold fast to in the arena of politics. It is the conduct as it pertains to these verses that has been distorted and perverted and because these verses have a direct bearing on what God demands of us in having proper conduct for that of governing by and for the people—it becomes critical that we understand the teaching in those few verses.

We have over the years, drifted into a mode were the interpretation and dictates of these verses have come to mean—-all power is in the hands of the king and people must follow the governments lead, because that power is given to the king from God. The passage further confirms the message as—–we must not resist the king or government, for it brings damnation on our heads.

This belief is presently accepted as the rightful presentation of Paul’s teaching on those verses. This passive acceptance is forcing today’s church going, so called Christians, ever more into darkness, by allowing for ease of deception and trials for the people to be accepted from the government and welfare to do its dastardly deed of confusion with its crippling effect. The government will do as much as the people allow government to do and as corrupt men did in the past. This will be the case as history has proved in the past with government and its Progressive evil bent will show it to happen today.

So what is to be done?

We must get back to the Bible making the correct interpretation of God’s word and using that word to find the correct path to righteous direction and living, giving glory to God that can and will save us. Without this moving of culture toward God and the accepting of His word as the guiding light we will not understand the correct nature of our condition nor the falseness of our interpretation of Paul’s book (Romans 13:1-7). It is this lack of understanding of these verses that is carrying over into mis-information and false understanding of how to deal with the Constitution when it is abused and used wrongly against us. Any thinking that causes “We the People” to follow blindly, thinking government has all power, with it coming from God is completely wrong and takes God’s glory and authority away from Him—a terrible mistake.

It has come time to place our faith and understanding in God’s hands not the kings or government. We cannot continue placing man’s reasoning as the focal point of the argument. One reason against another reason will not gain the upper hand as to forcing a so called correct direction in some resolution. It will be correctness of interpretation of the Bible and “Thus saidth the Lord” that is to carry the day. In closing let me say no government or king has the right to go against God’s word, therefore the king’s authority is still under God’s word and when the king violates God’s word he is wrong and needs not be followed but stood against. We the people must follow God’s Law not the kings.

We Shall See if the people will understand the right order of things—to God be the glory first—-with a getting back to the Bible and the Constitution—which both were God’s gift to “ The People”.

French philosopher Auguste Comte (1798-1857) held that the great theological dogma of the “Fall of Man” was the prime source of error of man’s thinking. The abandonment of religion and philosophy was a must for him and then society could be turned to a purely scientific approach with experimental challenges. Such an approach was able to place the state above good and evil all the while it could experiment in Mythology—framing right and wrong as they adjusted the values & gauges of life and never be accused of sin against the social fabric or its culture.

We can now see how Hegelian and Darwinian doctrine led to all ideas of moral absolutes being eliminating, with a complete flexibility in what was to be called good and evil. In Nazi Germany we saw the process unfold rather quickly. There was no transcendental law of God with Him judging men and nations but rather a tyrant (Hitler) surfacing and quickly taking charge—as God was no longer taken even remotely seriously as their creator—–God’s Laws were ignored then as today. The approach for today and its situation is a similar mode in the social conditioning as Comte wanted—we are in a time frame were whatever pleases those in power—is law—with no higher power as a guide or as an authority.

As we look to God as the higher authority, consulting His Bible we find an entirely different picture of who is in charge and what authority is to look like.

We have in:

Proverbs 16:12( KJV)
“It is an abomination to kings to commit wickedness: for the throne is established by righteousness.”

Proverbs 14:34(KJV)
Righteousness exalteth a nation: but sin is a reproach to any people.

No man ever gains permission to sin nor would his leaders, we need to get back to the Bible if we are to regain righteousness within the social fabric. Second: The understanding that sin and evil within the culture produces nothing but a deterioration of that society. We can only avoid the Bible and/or a Biblical solution for so long and it will eventually catch up with that culture.

We Are There & We Shall See—-possibly very shortly what is to happen.



We hear this word being used much lately, especially in describing some of the ISIS terrorists that are apparently from the U.S. I notice that they are blacks that have accepted the perverted Islamic beliefs and have changed their names to names that are common in the Muslim world. The Black Panther groups have done the same thing. Does anyone remember the Black Panther thugs that made their presence known at some of the voting precincts in Philadelphia a few years back? They should have been arrested for disrupting the people’s voting rights, a violation of the voters 1st amendment but the chief law enforcer, Erik Holder, would have none of that.
So now we have radicals with passports that allow these radicals that are fighting alongside ISIS, to re-enter the US. Why did the FBI allow these radicals to go to the Mideast in the first place? What happened to our intelligence? Remember Fort Hood any one? That massacre was called a “workplace violence” incident by the leftists in the media and by the Whitehouse! Forward this ideology a few years and now Obama calls ISIS a junior varsity group!
If anyone in government is radicalized it would be our president! Didn’t he hang around with radicals like Bill Ayers and the reverend Wright for close to 20 years? Didn’t he exchange 5 of the world’s worst terrorists for a man that abandoned his post to aid the enemy? Didn’t Obama give this traitors’ parents a forum on the Whitehouse lawn to express their love for the Muslim terrorists? Ah yes, if we can only convince Obama and Lois Lerner that ISIS is a dreaded Tea party group in the US! Whose side are you on Mr. president? ISIS or the US? Your Foreign policy in the Mideast, (if you have one), makes me wonder!

What is Liberty?

The American problems have festered and ballooned into something that will shortly become uncontrollable agitation of the culture—-causing much civil unrest. This frustration of the public is manifesting itself in a fashion that has not been seen here in the USA in any times of past history.

Once “Liberty”—-as it is thought of today—– became the end rather than merely a means to an end, a fundamental change in the very definition of Christianity occurred. Christianity with its Calvinism of the founding father’s era was changed into an Arminian self-rule and we no longer think in terms of God’s Law or His rule—–nor do we think with a responsibility in what Scripture might say——it has been and is twisted to serve self. All has become self and that self has become that liberty, and that is the right of man. What man decides is the right of that liberty—–government is happy to go along with controlling man. The Arminian Social Gospel along with the liberal Pastors have redefined what “Liberty” is—along with interpretation of God’s Law.

And because of that redefining—–we will not hold on to and/or use the “Constitution” properly if in fact we cannot define liberty properly——as God and His Scriptures want us to have it. We not only cannot define “Liberty” we will lose all through, self-Will, Sin and Evil. We have lost the defining of liberty making it impossible to find the way and the blessing of that liberty in God.

Paul said, in 2 Corinthian 3:17 “…Where the spirit of the Lord is, there is liberty.”
What is this liberty and how is it to be defined. Have we not lost something in what we think liberty is? Liberty certainly cannot have anything to do with God—for culture and man has thrown God out of everything—-Government, Education, and the culture itself.
We Shall See—Don’t you think????


Nobody Saw it Coming

I have been saying and writing for years things are bad, the combination of the signs add up to major problems within the culture—with things getting worse.

A must read article—-the link:

Andy Hoffman articles have continually focus on the gold and silver of the Precious Metal (PM) market and the fact those prices have been manipulated for years. This type of news you can’t and will not get anywhere but in these few newsletters that do cover the PM markets and the few of us who happen to think the price of PM’s can really tell you what is going on—–I and others relaying the information on to some folks.

Here is a paragraph from the article/link:

“This is what is occurring right now, across the entire world. In the PM markets – i.e., the “Achilles Heel” of the collapsing fiat currency regime – we last week saw the filing of a massive class action lawsuit centered on the fraudulent “London fix” with associated documentation reading like the gold manipulation primers I wrote three years ago. Simultaneously, a second major lawsuit was filed charging – who else, but Deutschebank and HSBC – of manipulating the silver fix as well. And for the coup de grace, the CME itself and several of its principals were accused of not only enabling manipulative high frequency trading programs, but colluding with HFT firms via secret incentive schemes. Moreover, it was alleged that 50% of all Chicago-based CME trades are actually “wash sales,” in which the buyer and the seller are the same entity. If this is even remotely close to the truth, this lawsuit could yield a crisis of confidence in the so-called “price discovery” mechanism of fraudulent U.S. futures exchanges such as the COMEX precious metal pits.”

The fact that average person does not know about any of this—–does not mean it is not happening. The America citizen will one day—–one morning open his eyes and the world will have realized something is not right and all will have changed overnight—-even as the fact is and the reality is—–they will have been a sleep for years and have now just come to the understanding that the danger is there and has been for years.

It is sad to listen to and read of what is going on down in Washington DC, in our State Capitals and locally in government—one must ask “By What Standard” is any of this being done. The Church—–has alerted us to none of this—and—you would think they should have the standard—–one day the church will wake-up to empty collection plates—maybe then something will change.

Then what????—We shall see—-Don’t you think????

VA Crisis Solution

I don’t know what is so difficult about solving the VA crisis. Me, the Outsider, has a simple solution. Just give the Veterans the same health care that the worthless politicians give themselves at the tax payers expense! The Veterans deserve it and the politicians really don’t since the politicians are addicted to living off the taxpayers like over glorified welfare junkies. Maybe welfare junkies is too harsh a term! Political parasites would be better!

I have been searching for sometime—–for the answer to this question. Could it be said that America is founded as a Christian nation? The wording of the “Constitution” or founding documents do not come out stating——We were founded as a Christian nation. It states nothing like that anywhere I could locate. Oh yes—-it does say—– “One nation under God…” but the Atheist will say God with a small “g” or say it is not the God of the Bible or the one that has a son Jesus Christ that save HIS people——they would say or use it as some supreme being in a neutral state mysticism. So how do we say or prove that; at one time this was a “Christian—- a Bible believing Nation”.

Well I found the beginning of the path that proves without a doubt that this was a Christian nation at one time. I am going to quote at length a passage from Harry S. Stout’s book 1986 Oxford University Press “The New England Soul”. I will also be incorporating his footnotes which I think are critical in showing Stout’s research into the question is well documented.

I quote from the opening chapter of his book. (pages 3-4)

“The seventeenth-century founders of New England set out to create a unique and self-perpetuating “people of the Word” and be extending the sermon to all significant facets of life—-social and political, as well as religious—they achieved exactly that. Throughout the colonial era the religious “planting” of churches in most towns kept pace with the growth of population so that by the time of the Revolution there were 720 congregational churches in New England. In like manner the number of college-educated, ordained ministers grew with the population, resulting in a constant ratio of preachers to general population that was among the lowest—if not the lowest—in the Protestant world. (3) Twice on Sunday and often once during the week, every minister in New England delivered sermons lasting between one and two hours in length. Collectively over the entire span of the colonial period, sermons totaled over five million separate messages in a society whose population never exceeded one-half million and whose principle city never grew beyond seventeen thousand. The average weekly churchgoer in New England (and there were far more churchgoers than church members) listened to something like seven thousand sermons in a lifetime, totaling somewhere around fifteen thousand hours of concentrated listening. (4) These striking statistics become even more significant when it is recalled that until the last decade of the colonial era there were at the local level few, if any, competing public speakers offering alternative messages. For all intents and purposes, the sermon was the only regular voice of authority.”


(3) The Puritans’ rejection of ornamented, “Witty” preaching in the manner of “Metaphysical” Anglican preachers like Lancelot Andrews or John Donne is well known. For description of the Puritan “Plain Style” see William Haller, The Rise of Puritanism (New York 1938), 128-72; and John F. Wilson Pulpit in Parliament: Puritanism during the English Civil Wars 1640-1648 (Princeton N.J. 1969),137-65.

(4) New England’s mission to invent a way of “non-separating Congregation-ism” is developed extensively in Perry Miller, Orthodoxy in Massachusetts, 1630-1650 (Org. publ. 1933 reprinted New York 1970) 73-101. The millennial implications of national reform are traced in Katharine R. Firth, the Apocalyptic Tradition in Reformation Britain, 1530-1645 (New York, 1979).

There is not much more needed to be said accept any and all doubters will need to look closely at Stout’s work and his 70 pages of footnotes and start to do their own research. It will also be noted that the peak of this type of preaching and religious belief—–along with this type of sermon and preaching had peaked in the final quarter of 1700’s and from that point forward the competition for the ear of the churchgoer started to intensify with secular teaching coming into play—–until we get to—today—-with nothing but PC (political correct) talk mixed with a perversion of double speak in “Progressive confused Thought & Logic”—-the percentage of serious intellect coming from the pulpit has fallen to almost nothing and with today’s separation of church and state—we have no Biblical teaching on political issues. The paths taken and decision made by the politicians remain unchallenged. A pathetic mess of shallow teaching by the church and no grasping of the times or understand by the citizens. A larger and larger percentage of the people being and acting lost and not knowing what to do to fix their life or anything within the social fabric.

If we conclude God’s word is sovereign—–then all human powers and authority would have to be limited—the Puritan believed in limited power for both Church and State knowing full well the final authority was with God and in the Bible “Scripture becomes final—-as they were people of the word”. We have none of this today—-while everyone is searching for answers—-finding none.

Finally: “YES” at one time we were people of the word “Christians” in a land that feared God and heard HIS word preached with seriousness—–believing their Pastors. But today—-not so—-we must understand how close we are to “Anarchy”—–a chaos with no law—were nothing will work.

We Shall see—Don’t you think?

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