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Yesterday and Today

In Abraham J. Heschels book “The Prophets” 1962 we have some interesting insight into the thinking and way the Old Testament prophets reacted to a situation—allow me to quote from his book.

“Their (the prophets) breathless impatience with injustice may strike us as hysteria.  We ourselves witness continually acts of injustice, manifestations of hypocrisy, falsehood, outrage, misery, but we rarely grow indignant or overly excited.  To the prophets even a minor injustice assumes cosmic proportions.”

Remember Heschel is writing in the early 60’s when things are supposedly going fairly well for America—he is seeing things on the surface as calm and peaceful yet I think he feels an uneasiness as something is about to go terribly wrong, wondering why there is not a higher pitch in the voice, and/or showing of a more concern as did the prophets.

Remember he is attempting to understand and write on how the prophets thought and received their revelation from God.  He writes in his introduction these words.
“Explanation, when regarded as the only goal of inquiry, becomes a substitute for understanding.”

Some 50+ years after he wrote those words we have the same occurrence repeating itself over and over—only now we call it an excuse with a small verbal correction to the statement—forcing a compromise—which is then pushed on the citizens—-repeating the statement until it is accepted.  Political Correctness—–PC at its best with not many understanding the fact that we have allowed God to be evicted from our lives, our family, our educational system and our Government—-without so much as a raising of the voice—even as we have killed millions of babies—with the pro-life movement not able to stop any of the murders.

The prophets, like Jeremiah, were appalled at the actions of Israel and told them so—-probably with a raised voice telling them what they did or didn’t do.

Look at what Jeremiah in 2:12-13 says
12/ “Be astonished, O ye heavens, at this, and be horribly afraid, be ye very desolate, saidth the Lord.”
13/ For my people have committed two evils; they have forsaken me the fountain of living waters, and hewed them out cisterns, broken cisterns, that can hold no water.”

Does this not sound familiar—the politicians doing contrary to God’s Law and thinking nothing of what ramification might occur?  50+ years later—-today—-we can apply Heschel’s words to the situation—–“We ourselves witness continually acts of injustice, manifestations of hypocrisy, falsehood, outrage, misery, but we rarely grow indignant or overly excited.”—even as some would say today is worse than 50 years ago.  Isn’t there something very much wrong—no one is speaking up with a volume of voice that gets anyone’s attention or shows concern—&—-no one is getting excite—is anyone concern with the fact that the culture might be disintegrating or heading for serious trouble—even as we have broken cisterns and forsaken the living water?  The politicians and people will find no excuse in their lack of action.

We Shall See?

Trotsky’s quoted of Lenin’s famous April Theses—–issued shortly after Lenin’s return to Russia from exile—–Lenin stated;

“They have the guns and therefore we are for peace and reformation through the ballot.  When we have the guns then it will be through the bullet.”

In Saul Alinsky’s book “Rules for Radicals” and the chapter “Means and Ends” we have part of the answer as to “Why” the “Righteous and True Conservative” of today—-do not understand the truth of—-or the what of—-and the facts of “What” is happening to our culture and society—-nor can that citizen understand the correction to this type of deception. Lenin typifies the actions and reactions of todays “Progressive Revolutionary, the Liberal, Political Correct Politician and now the Democratic Party along with the News Media.  There is a constant misuse of words—redefining of the word meanings—using false definitions and the constant repeating of the falseness and falsehood of those words—-until they are believed or accepted.

The question of time and how long it might take to implement or change some policy is of no consequence or importance to the radical.  The changing of—or more accurately the bringing down of the social foundations is the goal and focus of all their thrust—-it is a constant chipping at—–in an attempt to destroy the social fabric and belief system—there is no truth or little truth to what they say and want to happen.

The type of action and reaction the “Revolutionary” will want to manifest—-is a constant flux, changing directions in the “Means” they might need to implement—-it changes, with the availability of means dictating the mode of action and attack that is to be taken.  There is never a consideration of “What is the truth”—-but rather, what will get them to their “End”. Remember “The End justifies the Means” all the while the citizen and believer in the Bible and as a Constitutionalist—-will use the law of the land and think with reason and logic adding to his argument. Mean time the radical is completely flexible in deception and what truth represents—–it becomes easy for them to deceive their enemies with no truth necessary—–mixing half-truths in their false ethics and morals having a total misdirection and deception in their political issues and/or policy directions.

Nothing is fixed as we march steadily toward their ideological vent of “Communism” which they have mellowed into something they call truth in Progressive Radicalism which is Atheism and something completely contrary to Western Civilization that was called “Communism”.  We now have a political element constantly going in the wrong direction as we try to correct it with a means and ends that is well outside of the ethic’s and tradition of Christian Religion——all the while the Marxist—-using deception, with a barrage of lies and the twisting of words march toward their twisted end—with the Christian not seeing or using those tactics, unable to find or force the truth of the Bible into the arena of discussion and establishing God’s authority—–nor having God’s authority as the foundation of the righteous position—–not capable of finding grounding in the Christian Religion, the Bible, and Jesus Christ.

Western Civilization and the Christian Religion must be careful, so as not to allow the explanations of the issue to become the goal—–it is the understanding of “How” the game is being played by the Atheist Progressive that has become the more important part of this all important game of life.  Reason, Logic with truth is no longer the point of the argument and this fact will take a different type of argumentation in Biblical Faith, with God’s authority being forced into the arena.  The Bible must become the basis of authority with faith constantly pushing and forcing the issue of what is “Truth” and whose word is to be believed.

What have we entered into?——a place of “No Reason—No Logic—-and now—No Truth—with everything in flux—-nothing fixed or stable.

We Shall See

I happen to believe it is coming.

The Doctrine of “Resistance” is or has been well known in history and is best known as—some tyrant (government leader) being assassinated or the over throwing of a government through violence—IE: crowd or military.  It was not until the early 1500’s that a “Biblical Doctrine of Resistance” started to develop in order to justly counter evil and abusive leaders in high places with authority.

Out of this developing of the theory of resistance and in my reading of Cynthia Grant Shoenberger’s paper “The Development of the Lutheran Theory of Resistance: 1523-1530”—–I find her 5 questions (see below) most helpful in looking at today’s situation.  With that said and at his point in my article I caution the reader—–my statements in this short article will need to be viewed with the idea that more extensive reading will be needed to fill in the voids and gaps of what happen to or with the development of the “Biblical Theory of Resistances”.  I mention only a few of the elements that help move the theory forward—the Magdeburg Confession—Luther’s work along with,  John Calvin, John Knox and with the writings of the Puritans and Huguenots—-who helped in bringing in the “Doctrine of Interposition”.  Adding one more point to this opening is——the founding fathers understood both the Doctrine of Resistance and Interposition” along with these 5 questions addressed in the developing of the “Doctrine of Resistance”.
1/ May men ever justly resist established political authority?
2/ If so, when may they resist?
3/ By whom shall action be taken?
4/ How is such resistance to be carried out?
5/ If the resistance is successful, are the victors then free to recognize the society after a new image?

Romans 13:1-6 answers question 1# in the affirmative, if you read it correctly and in truth as written by St. Paul.   Question 1# open the doors allowing the development of the doctrine of Resistance by the Protestant Theologians of the 1500’s.  Question three was studied and written on by far the most——according to Ms. Bowman—-“Martin Luther himself staunchly opposed resistance of any kind…” 1523-1530—in 1530 to his death in 1546 his view of resistance change and was willing to resist the emperor.

The element of resistance as it was developing evolved from that of a spiritual realm with God and Church as the one to oppose the emperor higher authority—into resistance of tyrants with the citizen—-in the law of man and his constitution.

With that last sentence I jump from the 16th to the 21st century of Obama’s administration and the citizens losing their grip on and control of the politicians and the political process as we have seen these last 8 years under Obama.  Without a Biblical grounding, forcing a “Constitutional positioning of “Natural Law” we have nothing but a system which can be manipulated with a Progressive movement toward evilness.

We no longer have God in government, nor do we have a Church willing to speak up, standing by a theory as they did in the past and we no longer have a citizenship that understands their duty in honoring the Flag, the National Anthem when sung or Natural Law and the Constitution—and certainly do not understand biblical authority or how it fits into the law of the land, the morals and ethics of the culture and finally as the World View of Western Civilization.

We have few, if any, in government that will “interpose” themselves between Obama and the Christian Citizens—-We have few, if any, in government that understand what question 3 & 4 mean today and within the resistance movement—-nor do the politicians have the ability to understand and address the problems that are being created by questions 3&4.  With these problems we are heading for serious trouble as the “Black Lives Matter” type organizations submarine the “Doctrine of Resistance” and/or take that “Resistance” to evil, dark and sinful places within the culture.

We will have resistance but nothing that will make any sense to those of us that understand the “Doctrine of Resistance” put forth in the 16th century.

We Shall See

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Is it Conspiracy?

We have come to a point in our history where we slide from—-pointing with pride to what we stood for—-to viewing our standing with alarm.  This slide into the dangers of ministerial usurpation and political corruption is nothing new—-England faced these types of problems, along with the colonies as they thought on and wrestled with—–State Constitutions with its forming of their governments, attempting to control both the process and the politician.  The colonists were aware of corruption and over taxation coming from a corrupt and bloated   government—England and its King.

I wish to turn you to a book I think is a ray of light, in understanding today’s confusing presidential race, where both candidates seem to not care if there are answers to any of the citizens’ concerns—–with both sides having their own talking points never getting to what I will call the meat of the issue.  In attempting to focus on what I think is the issue I quote extensively and wish not to take any credit for any type of original thinking.  But only point out the thinking of the author on the subject as it is being analyzed and discussed, the author Bernard Bailyn—-His book; “The Ideological origins of the American Revolution” (1967)

Bailyn quotes James Thomson “Liberty and Britannia” (1735-36) introducing the subject in this fashion.
“He (Thomson) devised a new terminology to describe the urgent danger.  “Robinocracy” he wrote, was what was developing under the “Prime”-ministry (a term of derogation) of Robert Walpole.  Robinocracy, he explained was a form of government in which the chief minister maintained the facade of constitutional procedures while he in fact monopolized the whole of governmental powers.”

Bailyn continues quoting Thomson;
“The Robinarch or chief ruler, is nominally a minister only and creature of the prince; but in reality he is a sovereign, as despotic, arbitrary a sovereign as this part of the world affords…The Robinarch… hath unjustly engrossed the whole power of a nation into his own hands…(and) admits no person to any considerable post of thrust and power under him who is not either a relation, a creature, or a thorough-paced tool whom he can lead at pleasure into any dirty work without being able to discover his designs or the consequences of them.”

Is this not what is happening today—-are not the politicians of today treating the citizen in the same fashion and is not the President of the United States doing the same thing to just about everyone on the government stage.

We continue quoting Bailyn—remember he wrote this in 1967;

“The modes of Robinarch control of a once-free legislature were clear enough.  The corrupt minister and his accomplices systematically encourage “luxury and extravagance”, the certain forerunners of indigence, dependence, and servility.”

Quoting Bailyn further down the page;

“Once in power the Robinarch ministry feeds on its own corruption.  It loads the people with taxes and with debts, and ends by creating a mercenary army ostensibly for the purpose of protecting the people but in fact to prefect its dominance in just those ways…”

Now I say——is not this happening today?  Thomson writing in 1735/36—–Bailyn writing in 1967—–and now today we cannot find the answers.  I find it strange that our talk show folks along with the—so called conservative people cannot or do not help us in finding these nuggets of historical information that would help us in understanding and/or helping to explain what might be happening.  This finding of paths of old—–would help us avoid the paths and direction of today—which this sinful/evil phenomenon keeps pushing us in.   Those explanations—–with possible changes in direction and paths would help in understanding the complete picture.  Today’s situation  may not be a conspiracy but it is definitely a plot by a group of evil folks that have found us ignorant and completely lacking in understand—with an inability to stand-up—-not having passion in our voice, with a tone that conveys seriousness—-to the point of correction or at least setting the lines of battle.  The talk show guys are either for or against Trump, not doing much of anything to help explain the problem with what is happening——We Shall See as the election in November unfolds.

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In the past, the roll of the church was to be to keep the people in line, confronting the evilness within the social fabric and country.  Today the separation of church and state keeps the church side lined, keeping the church from helping the sheep or having little correction of the issues effecting the day.  As a matter of truth—-the church should be confronted for the failing to be a guiding light to and for the sheep.

I want to quote a paragraph from Alexis de Tocqueville great works “Democracy in America” Vintage Books July 1990 Edition Vol. 1 pg.71

“It was never assumed in the United States that the citizens of a free country has a right to do whatever he pleases; on the contrary, more social obligations were there imposed upon him than anywhere else.  No idea was ever entertained of attacking the principle or contesting the rights of society; but the exercise of its authority was divided, in order that the office might be powerful and the officer insignificant, and that the community should be at once regulated and free.  In no country in the world does the law hold so absolute a language as in America: and in no country is the right of applying it vested in so many hands.  The administrative power in the United States present nothing either centralized or hierarchical in its constitution; this accounts for its passing unperceived.  The power exists, but its representative is nowhere to be seen.”

Page 70
“Nothing is more striking to a European traveler in the United States than the absence of what we term the government, or the administration.”

Today: The representative is everywhere seen as part of a ruling class & problem…part of the thing called big government.  Note what Tocqueville writes regarding “Social Obligations”.  Today rights are owed to everyone—-citizen or not—-with the citizen having absolutely no responsibility to anything or any person—-not even himself—all is protected or taken care of—-by the government—–with complete control of the person—through some government agency.

Note well there was never an idea entertained of attacking the principles or contesting the rights of society but the exercise of authority was divided and authority was divided so the office might have power and the officer insignificant.  Today—-these principles are being pushed further and further out of the way, being buried so as not to be found, nor are these principles used as any type of guide—–to guide a way out of the swamp of evil and sin— God has been rejected by the government and a large percentage of the populous.  Back in the early years of the country the power of the office and law existed but its representative was nowhere to be seen.

What a turn of events—-today almost everyone in politics is jockeying for his or her position, having and/or wanting their base of power and greed—–taking care of ono number1#—themselves.  The Republican Party, the Church and the social fabric have lost their way—-twisting what Tocqueville thought was an important element in the guiding of the citizens of early America.

I submit to you in the early years of America with its self-guidance—–the sin nature and the protecting of the peoples righteousness were kept in focus by the church with its Biblical teaching. This simple element of a church guiding the people was instrumental in keeping the culture in obedience to Gods law with His principles that would do everything in keeping the country and its people going in a righteous direction and on the correct path.

Today none of that is true.  We are heading in a direction and on paths of destruction with few understanding what Tocqueville was writing about—so I ask—–Will things change and what has happen?

We Shall See—Don’t you think?

We continue with “What Has Happened”—–(see link–part 1).  As you read it, I attempt to build a case showing our “Republic” is crumbling as Democracy with its mob rule takes charge.

Again I will be quoting extensively from Professor Gottfried Dietze, this time from his book “In Defense of Property” Published 1963.  Professor Dietze was professor of Political Science at John Hopkins University at the time the book was published.

There were many that said and thought the following——including Professor Dietze who said this——in his book

“Never in the history of mankind had a free nation risen so quickly to so eminent a position.”

What did happen?
He says this about the country (See below in bold) with his coming to the USA in 1949.  The concern about the direction of the country prompted his writing of “In Defense of Property”—with the research and publishing of the book in 1963, some 14 years after arriving here in America from Germany.

“Now, ten years later, I wondered whether a re-evaluation of this country was due.”

I would encourage you to find a copy of the book and read it because the little I am going to say about his thoughts and lessons from the book will not do it or him justice.

I quote:
“…, the study deals with the lawmakers in modern Western society, namely, with democratic government.  The manner in which the degeneration of democracy resulted in a disregard for property as well as the illegitimacy of that process will be discussed.  It will be revealed how property has been protected under higher law and legislation; how the latter originally conformed to higher law and reflected that law’s disposition in favor of a protection of property; how since the end of the nineteenth century democratic lawmakers rejected higher law to a greater and greater extent; how that rejection, combined with trends toward equality, resulted in a social outlook on property rights that led to infringement upon these rights.  The decline of property will thus be revealed as the result of the march of democracy.”

This short paragraph is a prelude to what the author has to say regarding his thoughts and lessons in the book.  His line of argumentation, I wish to suggest and widen with further deterioration of the culture he speaks of, as we raced into the 21st century (some 50+ years since the book was published) with “Equality and Political Correctness” completely in place—with a failure of the Church—Biblical Doctrine not being used to the point that it fails to make an impact on the culture and God’s Law is nowhere to be found.  The government being without God, the Educational System without God, and with Morals and Ethics failing miserably, not knowing the difference between “Equality, Fairness and Justice” as we refuse to use God’s Law.

This brings us full circle back to property rights and what happen to HB 76/ SB 76 (The School Property Tax Elimination Act that failed) here in Pennsylvania.  Without an understanding of where our property rights come from and those “Right’s” being protected under law and with a Democracy (rather than a Republic) that is geared to “Equality”—Progressivism with a Political Correctness, the situation was forced into a false righteousness of “Equality” that will always be unfair and unjust as a mode of government, having mob rule as the order in government—with little justice in the system.  All the while, those wanting the school tax monies based on property value, could care less if Families of the Middle Class and the Elderly on fixed incomes can meet those taxable expenses—all that thinking matter naught to the PC gang .

The argument of elimination of the School Property Tax never took on the right and wrong or the fairness of the issue or if school property taxation was even a just method of taxation—-those arguments never enter into the discussion.  The PC gang of both the legislators (the politicians) and the majority of the citizens who wanted the school giveaway problems—–now think in PC’s language, and who think in Progressive Attitude’s proper—- think that mode of thinking is right and have their ways and means Democratically in place, with a majority of people on that path, going in that direction, voting for school property taxation, keeping all programs as they are—–even as their positioning makes things worse for those of us who are trying to survive.

Justice and Fairness will disappear, as “Righteousness and God’s Law” disappears from the Culture/Political scene and a unrighteous Democratic mob rule takes grip of the civilization, God’s law and Goodness fades with the sunset and evilness comes on as darkness takes the place of light—-&—-we are forced to ask “What Has Happened?”.

We Shall See—Don’t you think?

What has Happened

The founding fathers had put together a form of government under a “Constitution” that—-up until that time—-was unheard of.  It has also been argued that the Magna Carta was the beginning, with that document focusing on property rights and/or the ability to own property at all levels of the civil structure.  With the Constitution we had what we would like to think was a Republic under law—with a control of government through a separation of powers in 3 different branches of government.  This Republic formed a control through “We the People” a democracy of control by the people and for the people with most powers proposed to pass from the Federal Government, down to the States.

States’ rights, nullification, and secession developed primarily from a profound conviction that an economic system and way of life of a minority were endangered by a political majority.  This idea was argued rather strongly with Madison recognizing the problem in the “Federalist #51”—–“If a majority be united by a common interest, the rights of the minority will be insecure.”  John C. Calhoun (1782-1850) argued the same point all his life—–in his “A Disquisition of Government” and many of his speeches—like “The Fort Hill Address” On the relations of the States and Federal Government July 26, 1831.

This is a brief couple of sentences on back ground so I can jump quickly to today and the Republican primary and what I think most—-if not “All” are missing when trying to say what is wrong with the scenario of Trump and the rest—I include the Democrats Clinton and Sanders.

These next couple of paragraphs will seem disjointed but hopefully it makes sense as you think on it, even as the political process, with its people change.

I will be quoting extensively from “Magna Carta and Property” (1965) Gottfried Dietze——I wish to give all credit to the author and his book for opening my eyes of thought and my understanding to what I think is the problem in today’s political arena.

The book Magna Carta and Property is short book—-having 83 pages and 183 foot notes.
I quote from two foot notes:

(Footnote 176—pg. 79) Mussolini was appointed Prime Minister by  the king on Oct. 30, 1922 and obtained a 306 to 116 vote of confidence in the Chamber of Deputies on Nov. 18.  A week later that Chamber granted him plenary powers by a vote of 275 to 90.”

(Footnote 178—pg. 79) Hitler was appointed Chancellor by President Hindenburg on Jan. 30, 1933.  He received plenary powers through the Enabling Act of March 24 by a vote of 441 to 94 with no votes being cast by 81 Communists and 26 Socialist who were in jail or in hiding.

Here is a few sentences of the closing section of “Concluding Remarks” which starts on page 74 finishing on 83. (see below)  These closing pages summarize what has happen to the Democratic process here in the USA.  You can see from the above footnotes that it appears both Mussolini and Hitler received power through a voting process—that voting process is about to take place here and it will be called a Democratic process.

Mr. Donald Trump has taken hold, as a phenomenon, that has made him out to be some kind of savior of the government and country—he is exactly what the people want to have or see come on to the scene—as shown by the reaction of the people.  I would suspect both Mussolini and Hitler were received in the Voting Chambers in the same fashion.  This consolidation of power by something that is so powerful (Alfa type personalities) it will dominate the arena and keep the citizens off balance and in the weeds of confusion as to what the real issues are.  It cannot be argued against—–that these figures on stage—–are dominating and have changed the focus of what is happening.  If the elements of “Why” and “What” is happening are changed—–into buzz words like “Liberty and Conservative” guiding the process and confusing the issue to the point that the process fails and/or it allows something to happen that has happen in past history.

I recommend you find a copy of Gottfried Dietze‘s Book “Magna Carta and Property”—–I did at the Bethlehem Library through inter-library own.

I quote below—read it carefully—keep in mind it was written in 1965—-some 50 years ago:

“The arrival of strong executives in democracies is not surprising.  Once sheer majority rule is admitted, the rule of a strong man controlling the majority cannot easily be prevented.  Often the majority may be a mere tool in his hands.  He will sway and wield its members as he see fit and force them into submission.  Although a leader may rise with the sanction, of the majority and head the drive against the minority, in the end he may whip the majority into line and drive its members into servility.  This development is quite natural.  Once the basic inviolability of the individual’s liberties has been questioned, a potential dictator can hardly be expected to respect the rights of those belonging to the majority.  He is like to do by majority as the majority under his leadership did by the minority.  Needless to say, at this stage democracy ceases…”

I leave you to ponder Professor Dietze’s words and ask the question—Are we asking the right question?  Are we on the right path?  Are we going in the right direction?

For those of you that know of the—–PA. School Property Tax Elimination Act  (HB 76–SB 76) and its failing let me ask this question—-Does not school property taxation violate the very essences and spirit of the Magna Carta—-it cut to the core of the home being man’s Castle and taxation should not be able to take ones home by government action under some law.

We Shall See—what the political process brings—don’t you think?


I am going back to what I wrote years ago and see if there is not some correction in direction or path we are now on or have come to.  The below (see link) is something I wrote and posted August 14, 2007—-today is February 3, 2016.

The question that needs answering is—Have we slipped further?  Is there a trend that we can see in these last 9—–10 years, since I wrote what I wrote? Is there anything showing us, we now have a handle on things and does the fact that more folks appear to be getting involved—will that make things different and/or better.

We have just had the Iowa Caucus vote—-with Ted Vruz winning.  I must ask myself—-are the people that voted February 1, 2016 any more righteous than those that took part in the vote of that 2007 in Iowa.  I have heard that the turn out vote in the Iowa caucus, the other day, was some kind of record.  Does more involvement by the people mean more concern in the direction, and if there is more involvement, will any of it, make a difference.

I will go on record as saying—-It will not and did not—the more folks involved will not straighten anything out.  As a matter of fact the more folks involved the more it seems to be getting more confusing with me hearing—–the candidates that are running—–are not revealing themselves, nor giving details of their plans.  Why is this?  Why are they appearing to bounce from one issue to another and never revealing how or why they take their stands.

Here we go—-my favorite pet peeve—-Standards—with Principles which never get talked about—-they (the politicians) will never talk about ethics and the morals of the issue.  Why are they taking that stand?  Where do they get their principles/standards that allow them to take that position?  What causes—what motive causes them to take that position if in fact they will not give some standard/principle that allows the move?

My thought on the lack of forcing Principles and Standards on to the table is——the people along with the politicians have no standard and refuse to get involved and entrapped with the possibility of them being ask what their standards are.  To take that direction and that path one step further—–we should—somebody should—-really force God’s Law on to the table because Reasoning with Logic as a standard is or has failed to resolve any of the conflict.  I suspect the “Constitution” will no longer resolve anything with or without a “Convention of the States”.

We have this from the 2007 article:
Thomas Jefferson spoke of “self-evident truth”

“We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights, which among these are Life, Liberty and the Pursuit of Happiness”

Those words hold no life or justice—-“IF”—your standards and principles will not come or do not come from God—-So I suggest we bring God Laws and Bible out of moth balls placing them on the table and see if anyone wants to acknowledge those truths—-because—-if not we might as well turn out the lights and close up shop—-for we are done as a culture and country.  Finally, I don’t care how many come out to vote—-if they will not or cannot use God’s Law IE: the Bible to figure out paths or guide us in direction—putting us on “Biblical Paths” of reason with God’s logic—The culture is lost—the Country is lost.

We Shall See—-Don’t you think?

Nobody Cares

Nobody Cares—–is the reason why.

I have been asking for years now—How is it–the price of “Silver and Gold” is so depressed?   Well this 28 minute video (see link below) answers both that question of suppressed pricing in that market place—-Plus—-the reason we have what we have here in American——with the society/culture being on the wrong path and going in the direction.  All downhill with sin and evil growing at an alarming rate— with the outcome being——-“Nobody Cares”——-while most having it good—–not realizing the danger even as the sin and evil grow.   Nobody Cares or believes the problem is a religious one—as most are lost in the swamp of misdirection—-lacking much in the way of understanding.

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The failure of HB/SB 76 “Pa. School Property Tax Elimination Act” has forced me to do more research on what the founders thought of property and the right to it.  James Madison took the position that the United States government was not a government that would violate the sacred rights of its citizens and that fact was shown to be—-as the other signers of the Constitution——pledged their sacred honor.  He formed his reason with the logic of—–if the United States was to be known for its wisdom and justice it would—–“respect the rights of property, and the property in rights.”—–so said and thought Madison.

This simple understanding of what “Ought be done” as it pertains to a man’s castle (his home) has slipped into the abyss of Political Correctness—with the (PC) of a Socialistic mind set—which is now bordering on a complete conquest—–with government heading into a tail spin of tyranny with some type of dictatorship on the horizon.

Tom Williams is—- Program Director for the Washington-Jefferson-Washington Institute—-in his article;  Conscience is the Most Sacred of Property: James Madison’s Essay on Property (March 22, 2013) William’s says this.

“The current administration shows either a willful ignorance or a remarkable disregard for Madison’s career-long defense of freedom of conscience to so openly and blatantly violate the property rights that Roman Catholics and other religious people have in their conscience.”

Note well his article was written well over 2 years ago and we have now an additional 2 years of slippage in the Constructional governing. This blatantly violation of property rights has destroyed the family and the Middle class is now on the brink of destruction ——as the PC gangsters had their way with abuse—–up and down the levels of government—from school boards to the Federal levels.  The school boards and school districts across the USA—and state to state governments—–violating their citizens as they continue to abuse them with a school property tax——and local government taxing the property which has the ability to take the citizen’s castle (Home)

If that person for whatever reason cannot pay the property tax—the property is foreclosed on to pay back tax.   If James Madison is right in his argument for property rights—-government and school districts have no right to place a tax on Man’s Castle.  That property is God’s property and He will give it to whomever He wishes and those folks should be thankful God bless them with it—government has no right to take their property.

The above words would be laugh at—-by most politicians—as they would call me a religious nut case—– who believes in the Bible as Western Civilization guide in the development of its law—with Jesus Christ as my savior.

BUT—WE SHALL SEE—What will happen—don’t you think???

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