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Nothing Seems to Change

Here is a guy I have been watching now for some 15+ years—-He has been reporting on the same issue all those years——–the FED and it’s fake money scheme. Max Kaiser just the other day—–reported on the (GDP) and call these times of reaching “Financial Stall Speed”——were regardless of money pumped into the economy—-GDP […]

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Where Are We?

My point with this article is not to judge the right or wrong of positions taken in the past, gonorrhea but try and show there were decisions made and paths taken which leads us to today. The Puritans of New England in 1600’s had as close to a “Theocracy” as any social fabric could have—-and […]

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If at any time school districts can tax your property without consideration of fairness—-you have lost your ability to be safe in your home. Property taxation has the potential to drive you from your home as there is no consideration of life cycle earnings and/or the persons ability to pay. There continues to be a […]

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